Costa Rica Mission Trip Report #1

Saturday, July 23, 2011

(Blogger’s note: We are about four months away from our church’s third annual mission trip to Costa Rica. Therefore, I thought it was fitting to re-blog my Costa Rica Mission Trip report from last year, originally posted HERE).

Costa Rica Mission Trip Day #1: The Adventure Begins!

Dear friends and family,
Who would have thought that our travel day would have been filled with so much drama and adventure? It started early this morning at 5:30 when we were supposed to meet at the Tim Horton’s inside the Winnipeg airport. Eight of our team members were there, but Kim was late! So I had Liza take the rest of the team through customs and waited and prayed for Jeremy to get Kim to the airport on time. Thank the Lord, she made it, and we boarded our plane. But the drama continued.
There was a mechanical problem with the plane, so we had to sit on the plane for almost two hours, on a hot and stuffy airplane. Then, when we got to Minneapolis, instead of having a 2 1/2 hour layover, we had less than half an hour to race from one end of the airport to the other. Caleb, Janet and I ran ahead of the rest of the group to try to get them to hold the plane for the team. We arrived at the terminal about 10 minutes before the plane was about to leave, and they didn’t want to hold the plane for us. Out last team member arrived literally seconds before they were about to close the door, and we made our connection to Atlanta!
When we got to Atlanta, we were able to have a little breather and finally get something to eat (which we hadn’t had time to do in Minneapolis). Then we boarded our final plane without further incident, and we were on our way to Liberia, Costa Rica! After deboarding the plane, we went to collect our luggage… but unfortunately, only one bag (Kim’s!) made it on the plane! I guess because hers was the last one on the plane in Winnipeg, hers made it onto the flight out of Atlanta, but the rest of ours didn’t make the plane in time. So, here we were, short term missionaries in a foreign country, with no clothes, no toiletries, and none of our ministry supplies! I was so impressed with our team and their great attitude however. I believe it was the preacher Chuck Swindoll who said, “Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you respond to what happens to you.” We can’t change our circumstances, but we can still choose to have joy!
So, after making it through customs, we met up with our Foursquare missionaries Pastor John and Debbie and they took us to our home away from home for the next nine days! We’re looking forward to kicking off our ministry tomorrow morning with some children’s ministry in Martina Bustos, after which we’ll provide a free lunch to everyone who comes out. So please be praying for us, as we need to get creative about what to do, as all of our ministry supplies, costumes, props, masks, etc. are still in Atlanta!  🙂
Stay tuned for more updates from these Canadian missionaries in Costa Rica…
You can check out John & Debbie Overholt’s Costa Rica mission’s website by clicking HERE.
Pastor Chris Jordan

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