Costa Rica Mission Trip Report #2

Sunday, July 24, 2011

(Blogger’s note: We are about four months away from our church’s third annual mission trip to Costa Rica. Therefore, I thought it was fitting to re-blog my Costa Rica Mission Trip report from last year).

Costa Rica Mission Trip Day #2

Dear family and friends,
Day two in Costa Rica… our day started off with breakfast and an earthquake (5.5 on the richter scale, so they tell us), and then a team orientation with Pastor John and Debbie, with some worship, and some thoughts on cross cultural ministry. After that, we jumped into the van and headed into Liberia, where we did some impromptu street ministry – providing some food, juice, prayer and encouragement to some of the people living on the streets. We stopped by to let them know that God had not forgotten them, and blessed them in the name of the Lord. This was a very sobering and humbling time for many of our  team members, who were greatly affected by how these people lived.
Next, we went on to Martina Bustos for our children’s ministry outreach. Because our luggage was left behind in Atlanta, we didn’t have any of our face painting supplies, balloon animals, masks or props for our plays, but Liza got creative, and helped the team lead the children in Spanish Christian songs, our drama “The Quest for the Meaning of Life” interspersed with some kids videos on the Fruit of the Spirit that Pastor John had. After that, I gave an altar call for the children to receive Jesus as their Saviour, and many children put up their hands and responded in prayer – praise the Lord! Janet did an excellent job of interpreting for us!
After the children’s ministry outreach, we went up the hill to the new church area for crafts (you’d be amazed at how quick Liza is at coming up with something out of nothing – with pipe cleaners and froot loops, and we had both a craft and a snack!).  Then, we undertook the task of feeding hot dogs, chips and juice to everyone who had come out. After feeding the multitudes (I kind of felt like one of the disciples of Jesus when they fed the 5,000 with loaves and fishes… we only fed about 100 children and a few moms…) our team was blessed with an authentic Costa Rican meal of rice, beans, plantains and iguana meat… it was great!
We stopped at the airport on the way back home and picked up our luggage (which had finally arrived, thank you Jesus!).  All except for one bag which they were holding at customs because it contained all of the reading glasses and baseball caps we had brought to hand out to needy people in Costa Rica. We’re hoping to get that back on Monday.
Finally, we ended off our day with a dip in the pool to cool down. I don’t want to give away all of our zany adventures (or what will the team be able to tell you about when they get back home?) but let’s just say that one of our team members really got some ants in her pants, and it wasn’t because she was hyperactive or anything like that… 🙂  More on that later…?
Tomorrow (Sunday) our team is doing two church services – I will be preaching the Word, the team will be sharing testimonies and doing the children’s church. So please be praying for us! Check back here tomorrow for another update. Thanks for your prayers…
Photos:Street ministry in the city of Liberia (top) and Children’s ministry in Martina Bustos (bottom).
Pastor Chris Jordan

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