Costa Rica Mission Trip #7

Friday, July 29, 2011

Costa Rica Mission Trip Day #7

Dear friends and family, Day #7 of our mission trip to Costa Rica!
Liza, Caleb, Rosanne, Leanne, Cindy, Janet, Kim, Chelsea and I started our day at the super market picking up some garbage bags, rubber gloves, and two carts full of food for our day’s ministry activities. We loaded everything up into our 12 passenger van – our home away from home – and travelled to the little community of Los Lomas.
The day started in the morning as the Church in Action – going out into the community to pick up garbage in the neighbourhood. With beautiful purple rubber gloves (Liza must have picked them out, I’m sure!), and large garbage bags, the team went out with some of the folks from the Los Lomas church. After this, we went out into the neighbourhood for door to door ministry with about 30 bags of food hampers to give out to needy families, to practically share the love of Jesus with them. We helped meet their physical needs, and also prayed for the families, believing for God to meet their spiritual needs as well. We also handed out invitations to our evening service at the church.
After we finished this, we had lunch, then set up for our afternoon children’s ministry. We started out by heading out into a large open field and brought out our parachute, soccer ball and frisbee, and started playing. Before you know it, kids had arrived from all over the neighbourhood. After a few games, we led the children over to the church, and ended up with over 80 children! We sang songs with them – Tu Amor Es Grande (God’s Love is Big!) and Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Alleluia; dramatized our salvation story “The Quest for the Meaning of Happiness”, made balloon animals, did face painting and crafts, and had a great time sharing the love of Jesus with them!
After a quick and very nutritious evening meal of gelato ice cream, we returned to the Los Lomas church for the evening service, which included our team sharing our Tu Amor Es Grande song, some worship led by Pastor John, a great evangelistic Christian movie called “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry”, and an altar call for salvation. It was another long, full yet rewarding day of ministry. On our way home, we stopped at the Pollo Crispy (Costa Rica’s answer to KFC) for a late dinner!
Tomorrow is our last day of ministry before returning home on Saturday. Please be praying for us as we head out into the community of Filadelphia to hand out invitations to a special evening service at the church (this is the church we cleaned and painting on Wednesday). Blessings to all of you for your love, prayers and support!
– Pastor Chris Jordan

About Chris Jordan

Husband. Father. Author. Pastor. High School Bible Teacher. Follower of Jesus. And I enjoy a good cup of coffee!
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