Here’s the latest post from one of my fellow bloggers and writing buddies, Wendy.

May it challenge you to go out and make lots of mistakes today!

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Inside the Writer

I read this quote somewhere:  One of the greatest forms of pride is the fear of making a mistake.

Usually we don’t think of mistakes and pride in the same context, but if we add that little four-letter word fear, we’re on to something.

Come on, admit it. Everyone makes mistakes. I know I sure do. Lots of them. And some of those mistakes have been doozies. I’ve had to deal with a fair number of unpleasant consequences as a result of my miscalculations and defective decisions.

So you make these blunders over and over again – maybe not the same ones, but new and exciting boo-boos that add so much . . . um . . . spice to your life. You get discouraged to the point where you’re eventually afraid to do anything because you might make a mistake. I mean, what would people think if…

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