Costa Rica Mission Trip 2012 – Day #2

Well, it’s about 15 minutes before midnight, and I finally just got off of a skype call with Liza and a couple of the team members in Costa Rica. I don’t have any photos tonight, but Liza told me she would send some tomorrow morning so check back then… here’s a brief overview of the team’s first two days…

Day #1: Travel Day:

The team’s first day was basically a travel day – approximately 12 hours flight time (including two brief stop overs in Houston and Chicago). The travel itself was relatively uneventful, except for the fact that Mike lost his Bible and his preaching notes, and Sonja lost her iPod… There was a small issue with the crocs at customs in Costa Rica. Our team took down over 350 pairs of crocs to hand out to needy people there, but customs was going to make them pay taxes on the shoes. However, they decided to let them through – praise the Lord for His favour! They arrived at the Ranchitos where they are staying which Liza says is a little more rustic than the Condos we stayed in the last two years. She said some of the rooms may have insects of the ant variety, but would not confirm that… 🙂 When I was skyping with Liza, my response to that was, “Hey, it’s a mission trip!” The team got in late, so most of them went straight to bed.

Day #2: Children’s Ministry in Belen and Visit to the Rehab Centre:

The second day started with an orientation meeting with our Canadian Foursquare missionaries John and Debbie Overholt. Some of the team went out with Debbie to get groceries for the trip, while the rest of the team learned four new worship songs in Spanish. In the afternoon, they hosted a VBS children’s ministry program in Belen, a new area where John and Debbie have planted their latest church. (They have planted seven churches to date in the six years they have been in Costa Rica – wow!). They were expecting 40-50 kids, but over 70-80 showed up, praise the Lord! They did their songs, story, their Healer drama, a craft, salvation bracelets, and handed out over 100 crocs.

In the evening they went to rehab centre. There were about 20 men there, and our team provided them with gift bags of toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, chocolate, flashlight, chips, etc. The team did the worship – Phil, Mike and Mack did guitar, Caleb played bongos, Michele did jembe, Chelsea and Sonja sang, and Pastor John helped with singing. In this meeting, Mack gave his testimony. Mike spoke on his journey on where God has taken him – in regards to the importance of Christian fellowship, having each others backs, and his story of coming out of emptiness and depression and into God’s love. The team did their “Cardboard testimonies.” They closed the meeting praying for some of the guys, and had a powerful time of prayer.

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who is remembering our team in prayer… let’s believe God for His favour, blessing, provision, protection, wisdom, and anointing, amen? Check back tomorrow for another update, and some photos!

p.s. plan now to join us on Sun. July 29th at Beausejour Community Church as our mission team will minister in the service sharing testimonies, photos, and videos from their trip!

Pastor Chris Jordan


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  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much for the updates.

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