Costa Rica Mission Trip – Report from Pastor John

Here’s a report from Pastor John Overholt, our Canadian Foursquare Missionary who is hosting our church’s team in Costa Rica for the next 10 days…

Debbie and I woke up a little tired this morning after a “full” day with Liza Jordan team from Beausejour Canada yesterday. It started with an orientation time with the group in the morning and then Debbie took some of them to shop for food and supplies. I met with their worship team to go over some new spanish songs. They were quick to pick up on the Latino rhythms. In the afternoon we drove to the little town of Bethlehem (Belen) and were greeted by over 80 children plus adults.

We felt very welcomed as they all rushed to meet us. Everyone was very receptive as the team ministered in upbeat worship songs, and shared the good news via illustrated stories, and dramas. Our church in Belen is one of the newest additions to the 7 churches that we are working with. I was very encouraged to see so many from the community attending.  The team came down with a large quantity of croc shoes to distribute to the communities they are visiting. It was a great opportunity to show in a practical way that the church truly cares for their neighbors. They easily gave out over 100 pairs. After a great meal prepared by the church members we headed to a rehabilitation centre where we shared the good news with about 20 residents. These guys were very open and receptive to the testimonys and dramas shared. It was like the Holy Spirit fell on the place and everyone was impacted.


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