Costa Rica Mission Trip Day #4

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to do another update yesterday… our team is having problems accessing the internet from the ranch where they are staying. However, I am very thankful for this update passed along to us from our missionary, Pastor John, on the team’s latest activities…

On Day #4 (Friday), we made up four teams to go door to door in Filadelfia. Our purpose was to let the community know more about the church and to advertise the special family event that we will be doing Saturday morning at the church.  I have made up brochures that explains well what the Foursquare church, “Pan de Vida” (bread of life) in Filadelfia is all about. This we handed out to every household.

The teams also ended up praying for a lot of people. My team (Mike, Mack, Jackie and Michelle) for example knocked on the door of one house and the lady seemed quite sad. She listened to us and received our brochures but I felt that she was not as happy as were most of the people we had encountered. We found out, after visiting her neighbor, that her husband had left her recently. After about an hour of visiting our families, I felt impressed to go back to see this lady. She was a little surprised that we had returned and a little reluctant but opened her door to let us in. We shared that the Lord had put it on our hearts to return and we sensed that she was going through a difficult time and that we would love to pray for her. She then started to weep and we had a very special time of praying for her, sharing some of our own life difficulties and encouraging her.  It was one of those God moments.

Our team went to a very needy area called Bambu 2.  When I asked them about their experience afterwords, they were brought to tears as they got in touch with the reality of how many people live in Costa Rica.  The video I took of their interview is very moving.

Overall, the team is in great spirits and pretty healthy.  They have 2 “full” days ahead with our family event Saturday morning and then a church service in Bolson Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, we have the main service at Filadelfia and then La Guinea in the afternoon. They will be ready for a tourist day on Monday. We know the prayers coming our way are definetly working. Thanks for continuing to pray for the team!


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3 Responses to Costa Rica Mission Trip Day #4

  1. Jodi says:

    Hello Christopher!!! I have finally found time to read the blogs about the Costa Rica trip. I was wondering if the video mentioned by Pastor John in this one is available for viewing?
    I am astounded as I read these bogs. Such an amazing thing you guys do! Very heartwarming and humbling.

    • Chris Jordan says:

      Jodi – I hope to have that video uploaded to my youtube account today… I’ll send you a link once I get it online… it’s a 15 minute overview of the whole trip and very powerful!

    • Chris Jordan says:

      Here’s a link to the video:

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