Costa Rica Mission Trip – Day #6

A big thank you to Pastor John for providing today’s report on our mission team and for the photos once again. It’s been very hard for me to read these reports and not be with the team this year (I led our team to Costa Rica the past two summers), but I rejoice with all  the good things the Lord is doing in and through our team…

On Sunday (Day #6), the team ministered in 2 church services. At Pan de Vida in Filadelfia (see the above photo with Pastor Juan Carlos) we had quite a few new people attending because of the special children’s fair we had there on Saturday where well over 400 people showed up. The music team has really got a hold of the Costa Rica worship style so look out pastor Chris as they come back to Canada with a little more Latino rhythm. After a great testimony by Nan and the always captivating “Healer video,” pastora Liza preached a very powerful message on the Love of God.

We closed with the cardboard testimonies. As Jan Trudeau was reading the short testimonies on each card it became more and more difficult for her to get through them because of tears as the presence of the Lord started to increase in the place. I felt impressed that we needed to start ministering to the children who were fatherless or who had been rejected or abandoned. I knew the church was filled with them.  Words can’t describe the outflow of emotion and love that took place as children and teens came forward.

In the afternoon, the team led their second church service at La Guinea:

Today (Monday) our team is enjoying a well deserved day off after five very full and busy days of mission work… thanks for continuing to pray for the team!

Pastor Chris Jordan


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