The Love of Christ Compels Us

The Love of Christ Compels Us

(Today’s blog is a copy of a column I wrote for our local newspaper, The Clipper).

Some people might wonder what motivated our church’s team of thirteen people (six of them teenagers!) to leave their comfortable homes in Canada to travel on a mission trip to Costa Rica. Every team member had to raise their own money to participate, and when they got there, they worked hard in the hot humid weather.

They held children’s ministry outreaches, went door to door in poor communities, handed out hundreds of crocs to needy families, cleaned up garbage in a neighbourhood, and participated in church services. They visited a rehab center and blessed the men there with gifts of food and toiletries. They cleaned and painted a new building for a growing church.

So why did they go? The love of Christ compels us. Jesus has been so good to us; we can’t help but share His goodness with others! When I became a Christian over twenty years ago, I said, “If this God is who the Bible says He is – a loving, caring, compassionate, generous and benevolent God – then I must serve Him with my life!” And although not everyone is called to be a pastor, we are all called to share the love of Jesus with others.

The Apostle John, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, wrote this almost two thousand years ago: “By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.” The love of Jesus compels us still today.

You can see more photos on our facebook page HERE.

Pastor Chris Jordan

p.s. if you live near Beausejour, come and join us at Beausejour Community Church this Sun. July 29th as our mission team shares testimonies, dramas, songs, videos and photos from their trip!


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