Beausejour Centennial – Interfaith Worship Service

This weekend, our rural community of Beausejour celebrated its 100 year anniversary. Here’s a brief look at the roots of our little town…

The history of Beausejour begins with the Canadian Pacific Railway and the national dream to connect both sides of the country. The railway came into the region in the early 1880’s and a post office was erected shortly after that. Prior to the arrival of the railway, the area was known as “Stony Prairie” once the railway was here it was changed to “Burgoyne Station”  and then finally christened “Beausejour”, meaning “beautiful resting place”…

The settlement area served as a business / service center to the outlying farming community in the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead. The railway served as the hub bringing supplies in and taking finished products out. As the farming community prospered, so did the business community… The Town of Beausejour was incorporated in 1912…

In 2012 Beausejour is celebrating its centennial, 100 years of incorporation as a town. This August long weekend has been christened our “Homecoming Weekend” and we invite all former residents to come home and celebrate with us. Our centennial slogan is “Our Home, Your Home, Come Home in 2012”… (info taken from

The highlight of the weekend for me was an ecumenical worship service, hosted by the local Beausejour ministerial. In our monthly meetings, the local pastors in town have been planning this service for well over a year. It’s always hard to estimate a crowd of that size, but a conservative estimate would place the numbers at over 300 people. Here are some photos and a brief report of the service…

The service was opened by Don Reimer, the pastor of the Ostenfeld and Lydiatt Lutheran Churches. Pastor Don started off by saying how delighted he was that the Centennial committee wanted to have an interfaith worship service, because of Jesus’ prayer in John 17 for His people to be one in unity with each other. He then proceeded to welcome everyone from the 12 or so different churches around Beausejour – including Baptists and Pentecostals and Lutherans and Foursquare Gospel Church members. He then welcomed all of the believers in Jesus who were present who weren’t a part of the churches represented by our ministerial. The third group of people he welcomed were those who weren’t believers in Jesus, but were simply present as a part of Beausejour’s centennial celebration. To this third group of people, he said, “You are neighbours. You are friends. You are part of the Beausejour community.” He then prayed for God to bless the congregation gathered, the musicians, the speaker, and then prayed especially for all of the churches in Beausejour to be blessed to do God’s work. He prayed for the mayor and council of Beausejour, public servants, police, schools, and then he prayed for relationships to be strengthened and blessed. He concluded by leading the congregation in praying of the Lord’s prayer. It was a splendid opening to the service!

After Don’s opening, the crowd was treated to a smorgasbord of musical presentations. The music started with a delightful rendition of Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up. Then Edee Frank led a choir that was comprised of members of various congregations from around Beausejour. Edee’s husband Wally is the pastor of SALT Community of Believers, a church in Anola, and a part of our local ministerial. Their first song, There is a Quiet Understanding, was very fitting for our interfaith service. They declared: “There’s a quiet understanding, When we’re gathered in the Spirit, It’s a promise that He gives us, When we gather in His name… And we know when we’re together, Sharing love and understanding That our brothers and our sisters, Feel the oneness that He brings.” Amen! The choir then sang a medley of You are Crowned with Many Crowns and Crown Him with Many Crowns.

After the choir finished singing, Maralee Wurch led the congregation in the singing of the classic hymn Amazing Grace. Maralee and her husband Darrell are the pastors of St. Ouen’s Country Church, a Pentecostal Church just east of Beausejour. She has an amazing, anointed gift for leading worship, and after singing the hymn, sang Robin Mark’s worship song Revival. I saw the words to the song as being a powerful prophetic declaration over our town of Beausejour: “Sure as gold is precious and the honey sweet,
so You love this city and you love these streets… I feel it in my spirit, feel it in my bones,
You’re gonna send revival, bring ’em all back home… Revive us, revive us, revive us with Your fire!” Amen…

When the worship was over, Maralee called me (Chris Jordan) to the pulpit to minister the Word of God. I was so honored by our ministerial when they nominated me to preach at this service! My message was called The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Friendship with God. My main text was Romans 5:11: “So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God — all because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us in making us friends of God.” After explaining the way of salvation – peace with God through Jesus Christ – I closed the service with an altar call for salvation, and we saw many people lift up their hands in response in prayer. The service closed with Maralee leading the congregation singing Israel Houghton’s song Friend of God. I’m so thankful to the Lord for the great turnout from the local churches and community, and the great weather. It was a perfect day of celebrating together in unity in the presence of the Lord!

You can listen to or download the audio MP3 of the whole service by clicking HERE… enjoy!


About Chris Jordan

Husband. Father. Author. Pastor. High School Bible Teacher. Follower of Jesus. And I enjoy a good cup of coffee!
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2 Responses to Beausejour Centennial – Interfaith Worship Service

  1. Tracey Wurch says:

    Awesome gathering, awesome worship, anointed message! What a privilege to call Beausejour home. We are truly blessed.

  2. atranquilplace says:

    Thank you once again for sharing experiences.

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