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When we were in Morden on Saturday for their Corn and Apple Festival on the weekend, I had the opportunity to visit their local Christian bookstore, Morden’s Heartland. In addition to a new book (Relentless by John Bevere), I picked up one of the newest CD’s by Jesus Culture: Awakening. If you’re looking for a good new album with passionate songs of praise and worship crying out to God, this is one to get! One of our worship teams at church – led by Ken Oakley – does several of the songs from this album that I really enjoy, including Break Every Chain, We are Hungry, and Dance. Check it out!

About the Album (from www.jesusculture.com/jcawakeninglive/).

Jesus Culture Awakening: Live From Chicago reveals the significance that took place at Jesus Culture’s first arena gathering. A generation was marked by the power and presence of God during this 3-day event as believers joined together to passionately worship Jesus. As a ministry, Jesus Culture wanted to capture the sound of a generation giving themselves wholeheartedly to Jesus.

This 2-disc Jesus Culture album features Jesus Culture Music artists Jake Hamilton, Kristene DiMarco, and Bryan & Katie Torwalt. With 16 powerful worship tracks, including originals like “Awaken Me” and “Father of Lights” and re-visited favorites such as “We Are Hungry”, “Dance” and “The Anthem”, this live album gives you a chance to be a part of what took place at this monumental event.

“I believe God is awakening a generation whose hearts are burning to see Jesus exalted in the nations. For three days in Chicago we gathered to lift up the name of Jesus. I was encouraged to see not only the hunger for God so evident in a generation but their passion to not only worship God wholeheartedly for three days but to give their lives fully in worship. I believe hope is alive and well in the nations because there is a generation whose passion and focus is to love Jesus with all of their heart and make Him known in earth.” -Banning Liebscher


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