What About Halloween?

Check out this post by fellow pastor and blogger Mac Dumcum. What do you think about Halloween? How do you deal with it?

Living in the Reign

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Children in scary costumes…bobbing for apples at a party…candy and treats galore. Sound familiar? Bring back any warm and wonderful memories? For many people, this is what Halloween is all about. It’s a lot of harmless fun that everyone enjoys on the 31st of October.

However, when you take an honest look at Halloween, one has to wonder if it is actually as harmless as it seems. This is especially true when you consider its origin and the symbolism of its many practices.

This post is designed to help you come to an understanding of Halloween in the light of historical and Biblical truth. All I ask is that you examine its contents carefully and prayerfully.


It all began many centuries ago in the British Isles among a group known as the Druids. The Druids worshipped many gods and…

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