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Will the World End on December 21, 2012? #TheEndOfTheWorld

I discovered two interesting things on the internet today. First of all, when I was in the dashboard for my Beausejour Pulpit blog, I was surprised to see that for the past week, the top two posts on my blog … Continue reading

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Faith and Football

Faith and Football (Left to Right: Caleb, Phil, Logan, Marshall & Thomas) “The B-Town Boys are in the House!” That’s the slogan several exuberant fans were chanting from the stands in the Canad Inns Stadium on October 14th for five … Continue reading

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Church Membership

Church membership is important to your ongoing spiritual growth in Christ. Here are four reasons why you need to join a local, Biblical church.  1. Membership in a Local Church Establishes Your Commitment to Christ and the Local Church.  Consistently in … Continue reading

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More Mid-Week Funny Photos

Last week, I posted some funny photos that are circulating around the internet, and it was one of my highest days for hits in a while. So, I thought I’d bring you part #2 – more funny photos from the … Continue reading

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The Monday Funnies – Two of my Favourites!

Good morning and happy Monday! For your reading pleasure today, here are two of my favourite Calvin and Hobbes strips. Don’t look too deeply to try to find some spiritual meaning in these ones, just enjoy… “A merry heart does … Continue reading

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Jesus is the Prince of Peace – Sermon of the Week

SIGNS AND WONDERS #4: JESUS IS THE PRINCE OF PEACE (Beausejour Church – Pastor Chris Jordan) THE BIG IDEA: Jesus never promised us a life without storms. However, He did promise to be our peace in the midst of those … Continue reading

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The First World Problems Challenge

It’s exactly one month until Christmas, and so I issued our church this challenge today: Whenever you find yourself complaining about YOUR ‘First World Problems’, grab a dollar, put it in a jar, and then save up the money all … Continue reading

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