Merry Christmas! (2012 Christmas Letter from the Jordan Family)

The Jordan Family Christmas Letter 2012

Family Group Hug

I love my job as a pastor—there is nothing I would rather do! I have the amazing privilege and awesome joy of preaching God’s Word every week, visiting people, doing counselling, and more. Every week, I lead a Christian club at the high school, and I host and lead home groups and youth group meetings (everything from worship nights or Bible studies to games and activities); a monthly chapel at Eastgate Lodge (Personal Care Home); not to mention occasional weddings and funerals. Even though my job is a busy one filled with stresses, pressures and burdens, there’s nothing I would rather do. I am a pastor, and I have the best job in the world!

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In January, I published my second book, The Beausejour Pulpit. This book was a collection of several mini-books, sermons and devotionals that I had previously self-published, collected together in one place. I love to write, and this year began work on two new blogs: New Life ( and The Beausejour Pulpit ( I write a bi-weekly column for our local newspaper, and some of my articles have even appeared on the front page of the paper. Writing is one of my passions!

On March 25th, mine and Liza’s 17th wedding anniversary, we had a water baptismal service at our church, and I had the privilege of baptizing my son Austin. During spring break, we took our family on a vacation to the US. We visited the Mall of America, the Nickelodeon Universe, a water park, and a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Austin was in heaven when we visited the Legoland store!

May 9th was a momentous event in the Jordan household as I handed over the keys to our Dodge Caravan to my 15 year old son Caleb. He has been chomping at the bit to go for a drive ever since he passed his written test, but because we were away at our annual pastor’s convention in Toronto at the time, he had to wait until we returned before going to get his learner’s license. When we walked out of the insurance office, he was so excited to be able to get behind the wheel and drive! I probably had as much fun as he did as I sat in the passenger seat and watched him drive around town.

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On July 6th, I (Chris) celebrated my 40th birthday. We had a huge celebration at the church with some of our closest family and friends.

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Ten days later, Liza led our team of 13 people on our church’s annual mission trip to Costa Rica. I’m so proud of the great job Liza did of leading our largest mission team in the three years we’ve been taking trips to Costa Rica. Both Caleb and Tori attended the trip this year, and I was home with Austin and Hannah. One of their ministry outreaches included doing a human video (drama) to the song Healer, which you can watch HERE on Youtube. The team did children’s outreaches, ministered at a rehab centre, handed out over 300 pairs of crocs to needy children, did practical service projects in communities, door to door ministry, prayed for people, and Liza did a great job of preaching the Word!

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Liza  continues to serve our church family as the leader of our children’s ministry, and works on staff at the church part time. This June she finished her second year of piano lessons. This summer, she also took over the leadership of our women’s ministry.

In August, we had our annual summer family camping trip to Wild Oaks, with many of Liza’s family members joining us. From shared meals, to pool time, beach time, or the family talent contest (which our family rocked first place with our Funny Midget Dance), it was a great time away. We also took a week to go camping with my family – my mom and sisters and their families – at Sandy Lake in August as well.

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In August we took our family to the Scottish pavilion in Winnipeg (a part of Folklorama in Winnipeg). One of the highlights for me was trying haggis (traditional Scottish dish) for the first time. I must admit, it was pretty good!

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In this 2012-2013 school year, Caleb is in grade 11, Tori is in grade 9, Austin is in grade 8, and Hannah is in grade 5.

Caleb continues to be involved in many different sports – including basketball and football – and also plays cello in the school band. He started dating a wonderful girl named Chelsea this summer when they returned from our Costa Rica mission trip. Caleb’s football team, the Transcona Nationals, made it to the semi-finals in the Bomber’s Stadium. This fall, Caleb got his first job working at our local Co-op grocery store.

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Tori was involved in band again this past year playing the trumpet. Austin played the violin. In the winter, Tori and Austin were involved in Beausejour’s local youth theatre program doing a production of The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus. Austin likes creating comic books on an online website. Tori and Hannah began rehearsals for their performance of the Seussical Musical next spring. Hannah finished her third year of piano lessons in June and has been involved in a volleyball club this fall.

Liza and I are so excited that all of our children volunteer their time serving in our church. Caleb and Tori lead worship once a month on Sunday mornings with our youth worship team, and all four of our kids are involved helping out in our children’s ministry or nursery on Sundays.

It has been six years since Liza and I began pastoring Beausejour Community Church, and even though there are many challenges that come with being leaders, we are still enjoying our role as lead pastors. We love the wonderful family of God that He has called us to care for.

We love you and your family very much, and wish you a Merry Christmas, and a blessed and a prosperous New Year.

With love and prayers,

Chris, Liza, Caleb, Tori, Austin & Hannah


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