West Coast Adventures in Spring – Day #1

Dear friends,

This week, my wife Liza and I are in Surrey, BC, for our annual Foursquare Pastor’s Convention. Every year, we travel to different parts of Canada to meet together with pastors from across our nation, to worship together, be taught, trained and equipped, and of course to connect relationally and have fun together.

When we left our home in Beausejour, MB, we still had snow on the ground (nearing the end of April, can you believe it?). But when we arrived in Surrey, spring was in full bloom:


Before the convention actually began on Wednesday, I had been invited to speak to a group of high school students in a chapel at Regent Christian Academy. When I was the youth pastor at Bible Fellowship Church from 1997-2007, I also had the privilege of being involved at RCA as a chapel speaker, Bible teacher, and occasional substitute teacher for other subjects as well. So it was a real treat for me to be back in the pulpit at Regent after over six years.


There was a student-led worship team that did an amazing job of bringing the students into the presence of the Lord, after which it was very easy to get up and minister the Word. My message was entitled, “It’s a Trap!” and I spoke on the devil’s deadly trap of hurts, offenses and unforgiveness. At the end of the message, Liza got up and shared a powerful exhortation from the Scriptures, and we took the time to pray for dozens of students to be set free from the deceptive trap of offense.

In the evening, I was back in the chapel again as the guest speaker for Bible Fellowship’s youth group: Impact. It felt like home being back in the chapel where I had loved, taught, trained and discipled students for over ten years of my life and ministry. I was so incredibly blessed once again to see what the Lord was doing in and through the lives of these young people, led by Pastor Jen Kelly. Under her Spirit-led and anointed leadership, the youth group has continued to grow and flourish.

In this service, my message was all about having faith in the love and goodness of God, and at the end of the night, we prayed for students to experience a fresh revelation and encounter with the love of Jesus. It was very cool to minister alongside of Pastor Jen, who had been a student in our youth group back in the day. And I was blessed watching my wife Liza ministering prophetic words to many of the young people as well. It was so precious watching Jesus pour out His love into the hearts and lives of young people!


Watch for my next post with a write-up on some of our first sessions at the Pastor’s Convention…

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4 Responses to West Coast Adventures in Spring – Day #1

  1. David says:

    Chris, at Spring Harvest in the UK this year my wife and I spent 3 nights out of 5 with the 18-30s stream – we were so encouraged by those leading, those speaking, and the response of those gathered together in that group. So many people in the UK are saying we are losing the 18-30s, but we were truly blessed by what we saw and experienced at Spring Harvest. I am similarly blessed reading this post.

    • Chris Jordan says:

      Thanks for your feedback. One of the speakers at our conference this week also talked about how many young people are walking away from their faith, but I am so encouraged by the many young people I see who are hungry for and seeking after God in their lives. Amen!

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