West Coast Adventures – More on Day #3

Dear friends,

The adventure continues! On Friday afternoon, I attended an evangelism workshop by Pastor Craig Millar called “Equip, Engage, Evangelize.” He challenged us with the statement: If we want to be like Jesus, then we must have His heart for reaching lost people. We need to learn how to share our testimony – our personal story of walking with Jesus – with other people. He gave us some very practical suggestions for how to share our testimony, as well as many different simple ways of presenting the Gospel – from the bridge illustration and the Roman Road, to even some cool new smartphone apps like My 316:

Craig challenged us to pray that God would give us a heart for people, be authentic, love people unconditionally, and share Jesus NOW. Amen!


In our evening session, Pastor Scott Galardi ministered a powerful message about Jesus’ strategy for reaching people from Matthew 5:13-16. We are to let our lights so shine before men that they may see our GOOD WORKS, and glorify our Father in Heaven. When you show people that you’re committed to doing good things for them, they will allow themselves to become vulnerable to you and let you in.


What are the good works we can do? Matthew 25;31-46 tells us to meet people’s practical needs: Feed the hungry, show hospitality to strangers, visit those who are sick or in prison. Scratch where they’re itching. The challenge to us as Christians is to flood our communities with good works. When they see it – God’s goodness – everything will change.

In summary, this past week’s pastor’s convention has been a spiritual refreshing time for Liza and I in the presence of the Lord. In addition to the worship and ministry of the Word, we have enjoyed reconnecting with many Foursquare friends from across Canada, as well as many of our Bible Fellowship Church family. We’re now ready to head home with new vision for life, church, ministry, and reaching our community with the love of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Pastor Chris Jordan


About Chris Jordan

Husband. Father. Author. Pastor. High School Bible Teacher. Follower of Jesus. And I enjoy a good cup of coffee!
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One Response to West Coast Adventures – More on Day #3

  1. securelyheld says:

    Yes, to know Him & make Him known! May you & your wife feel the power of the Holy Spirit directing you in your ministry.

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