On the #Bookshelf – just finished reading #TheCircleMaker

The Circle MakerI love to read – it is one of my passions. I probably have over a thousand books in my personal library (and yes, I have actually read them all!). But of all the books I read, my favourite genre of non-fiction books is Christian books on prayer. I have over one whole shelf devoted to books on prayer! I say that to let you know that I have read many books on the topic.

From classics by Charles Spurgeon and Andrew Murray (With Christ in the School of Prayer being my all-time favourite), to newer books by authors like Steven Furtick (see my review of his book Sun Stand Still HERE), I love prayer books!

When I previous pastor Steve Witmer recommended The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson to me, I thought it was going to be just another book about prayer. I was wrong! I was so challenged and inspired as I read through this book, that there were several times as I was reading that I had to pause and pray. My faith was stirred up anew and afresh to believe God for great things, and I know it will do the same for you.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book. Be inspired!

“Bold prayers honor God, and God honors bold prayers.”

“There is nothing God loves more than keeping promises, answering prayers, performing miracles, and fulfilling dreams.”

God is for you. If you don’t believe that, then you’ll pray timid prayers; if you do believe it, then you’ll pray big audacious prayers.”

“This is where drawing prayer circles begins: knowing what to circle. What if Jesus were to ask you this very same question: What do you want me to do for you? Would you be able to spell out the promises, miracles and dreams God has put in your heart?”

“God is omnipotent, which means by definition, there is nothing God cannot do. Yet many of us pray as if our problems are bigger than God… Until you come to the conviction that God’s grace and power know no limits, you will draw small prayer circles. Once you embrace the omnipotence of God, you’ll draw ever-enlarging circles around your God-given, God-sized dreams.”

“100 percent of the prayers I don’t pray won’t get answered.”

“Our most powerful prayers are hyperlinked to the promises of God. When you know you are praying the promises of God, you can pray with holy confidence.”

“If you plant yourself in one place and let your roots grow deep, there is no limit to what God can do.”

“When you live by faith, it often feels like you are risking your reputation. You’re not. You’re risking God’s reputation. It’s not your faith that is on the line. It’s His faithfulness. Why? Because God is the one who made the promise, and He is the only one who can keep it. The battle doesn’t belong to you, neither does the glory. God answers prayer to bring glory to His name, the name that is above all names.”

“Keep circling. Don’t attempt this by yourself. Israel had an army. You need to invite others into your prayer circle. Together you will form a prayer circle. And when two or three agree in prayer, double circling their God-ordained dreams, all bets are off.”

“Dream Big. Pray Hard. Think Long.” Amen!


About Chris Jordan

Husband. Father. Author. Pastor. High School Bible Teacher. Follower of Jesus. And I enjoy a good cup of coffee!
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2 Responses to On the #Bookshelf – just finished reading #TheCircleMaker

  1. Justin says:

    This book has been sitting on my shelf but I haven’t read it yet. I think I’ll try it out next. 🙂

    • Chris Jordan says:

      One of the best books I’ve read on prayer in a long time… let me know what you think when you’re done!

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