Why This Past Weekend Totally Rocked

I love my life! Life is good, and I have so many things that I am thankful for. Here’s are a few quick snapshots of my past weekend, giving you a sneak peek into some of the things that make up the life that I enjoy.

IMG_16151. Friday Night – Youth Bible Study:

One of my passions is a pastor is preaching and teaching God’s Word, and helping people to grow in their relationship with Jesus. On Friday night, I had the privilege of leading a Bible study for a group of teenagers on the topic of prayer. I love working with teenagers because they are so open to God’s Word, and when they hear that the Bible says they can do something – like pray powerful prayers that change things – they believe it!

Superman Comic2. May the Fourth AND Free Comic Book Day:

Saturday saw a cosmic aligning of two great geek-days in May the Fourth (Star Wars fan day – May the Fourth be With You) and Free Comic Book Day. Being a closet nerd myself, I proudly donned my Darth Vader T-shirt and headed to my favourite comic book store in Winnipeg with my youngest son Austin to collect a free Superman comic book to add to my collection. (As an aside, I am SO excited about the Man of Steel movie coming out in June – can’t wait!).

IMG_18533. Saturday afternoon – Football:

My oldest son Caleb has played football for the past three years in Winnipeg for the Transcona Nationals. This year, he was one of 100 out of 200 players that were chosen for the Varsity Blue & Gold game which is composed of top caliber Under-18 football players vying for a spot on the Manitoba Provincial team. He is hoping to be one of 40 players that will then go on to represent Manitoba at the Football Canada Cup in July. After the football game, we went out to Boston Pizza for dinner. Yum!

worship24. Sunday am – Healing Service at Church:

As a pastor, I have the amazing privilege of being able to teach and preach God’s Word every Sunday morning. This past weekend, we kicked off a new series called iPray: Building a House of Prayer. (Click on the link to see my sermon outline, including a link to download the audio MP3). During our communion service, we took the time to pray for sick people to be healed. Jesus is the Healer!

Beausejour-20130505-007905. Sunday pm – Bike Riding:

After an exceptionally, unusually long winter, spring has finally arrived, and so my youngest daughter Hannah and I took our bikes to the gas station to put air in the tires, and went out bike-riding together, taking our dog Cooper with us. It was fun!

6. Monday pm – Spring Walk:

This afternoon, my best friend, my wife Liza, and I went for a nice long  walk around town. It’s so great to finally have some warm weather! And finally tonight, my oldest daughter Tori came back home from her school band trip to Whistler. It’s good to have the whole family together again!

Family Group HugTo sum up, I thank God for the great family that I have – a beautiful wife, and four fantastic children. And I am also thankful for the family of God at Beausejour Community Church that I have the privilege of pastoring. Although our life isn’t perfect – we have troubles and problems just like anyone else – it is good. And so is God. Amen!


About Chris Jordan

Husband. Father. Author. Pastor. High School Bible Teacher. Follower of Jesus. And I enjoy a good cup of coffee!
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