Back to Square One: Rediscovering the Mission of Jesus the Saviour

Foursquare One

What is the purpose of the church? Why is it that after we became Christians, God didn’t take us to Heaven right away? What is it He has left us on the Earth to do? These are good questions to ask! This month at Beausejour Community Church, we are going back to square one – rediscovering the mission of Jesus the Saviour.

Why did Jesus come into the world? In Luke 19:10, He answered that question for Himself when He said: “for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

In his book “Becoming a Contagious Christian” Bill Hybels writes: “We as individual Christians and collective churches need to recalibrate our sights on the target God has gen us: spiritually lost people. If people matter to God, then they’d better matter to us, too… Deep in every true Christian, there is an awareness that we are on this planet for purposes greater than having a career, paying the bills, loving our families, and fulfilling our role as upstanding citizens… God wants us to become contagious Christians – His agents, who will first catch His love and then urgently and infectiously offer it to all who are willing to consider it.”

In another book, “Radical Together” by David Plett, we are challenged: “Amid all the good things we are doing and planning, are there better ways to align with God’s Word, mobilize God’s people, and marshal God’s resources for God’s glory in a world where millions of people are starving and more than a billion have never even heard of Jesus? When we rise up as the church of Jesus Christ and give ourselves urgently, sacrificially, and radically to taking the gospel of the kingdom to all those people groups, we can expect to be met with the might of hell. There will be divisions within us, distractions around us, diversions in front of us, deceptions tempting us, and disease and death threatening us. It will not be easy.”

God has called us as a church to be a lighthouse in our community, to be a place that offers love, acceptance and forgiveness to hurting and broken people, to be a place of hope, healing and restoration. God has called us to reach people with the love of God, and it’s time to get intentional about fulfilling that mission once again!

In the month of June, we are going to rediscover the mission of Jesus the Saviour anew and afresh, and be challenged through God’s Word to lift up our eyes and look at the harvest that is ripe! Jesus came into the world to seek and save the lost, and when He got ready to return to Heaven, He said to His disciples (including you and me), “As the Father Has sent me, so I send you.” So – let’s get ready! It’s a new day and a new beginning… let’s respond to the call of Jesus to go into the world and share the Good News with everyone everywhere. Amen!

Pastor Chris Jordan


About Chris Jordan

Husband. Father. Author. Pastor. High School Bible Teacher. Follower of Jesus. And I enjoy a good cup of coffee!
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2 Responses to Back to Square One: Rediscovering the Mission of Jesus the Saviour

  1. For much is to be done, so that, unto the ends of the Earth, His word is known. God is sparing in His anger, profusely generous and infinitely gracious/merciful. Let all those who can be reconciled unto Him, before Jesus’ return, be granted a means. Great article, sir. A blessing to understand our place as a body of Christ, and its mission statement!

  2. chicagoja says:

    The larger question is what happened to cause us to have to rediscover the mission of Jesus. The Christian church has inexplicably buried the teachings of Jesus under a huge pile of church dogma. Why?

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