What Happened to #Superman’s Red Underoos?

Blogger’s note – I saw the Man of Steel last night and loved it! It was truly epic and amazing, and exceeded my expectations. Watch this blog for a review in the next couple of days. But for today, on to the topic at hand:

Superman - old and new

“Superman’s New Costume Sparks Controversy and Confusion.”

That was the headline for one of the articles at comicbook.com back in 2011 when DC Comics first made the biggest change they ever had to the Superman suit – they took away the red underwear from outside of his costume. Writer Scott Johnson noted, “DC Comics has revealed the new look for Superman, and as would be expected when someone alters the look of a classic character, there has been an enormous outcry from fans and media.”

superman circus strongmanAs a huge Superman fan, I’ll be honest – I like the change! When the Superman costume was created back in 1938, it was modeled after a circus strongman. The idea of the red ‘underwear’ outside of the suit is outdated and has needed to be updated for sometime.

The biggest argument that fans make against the change is the fact that they say you’re messing with a classic. But the truth is, the Superman suit has already seen many changes and incarnations over the years. Look at the original suit from 1938:

Superman original

No one suggests that we give up the logo we now know and love and go back to this original design, because it has been improved upon. And by losing the red underoos from outside of his costume, the Super Suit has been improved upon again.

So enjoy the change. And go see the new movie Man of Steel!

You won’t be disappointed…


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3 Responses to What Happened to #Superman’s Red Underoos?

  1. Just saw it again, and it is still great!

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