Man of Steel vs. The Avengers – the Super Ultimate Grudge Match!

In only 8 days, he’s already defeated the Green Hornet, Daredevil, Batman and Robin (The George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell version, circa 1997), Green Lantern (sadly, no surprise there), The Incredible Hulk, The X-men (and The X-men First Class), The Fantastic Four, Captain America and even Wolverine (it’s true). I’m talking about the Man of Steel – Superman – and it looks like there’s no stopping him! I’m referring to the Box Office ratings, of course…

Superman versus Avengers

The Man of Steel is currently sitting at #19 in the top 100 superhero movies of all time, according to Box Office Mojo.* I am confident that he will knock Batman Forever out of the #18 spot this weekend (Batman Forever’s lifetime gross = $184 million, Man of Steel is currently at $181 million). And the number one superhero movie of all time – the one to beat? The Avengers, sitting on top with $623 million total gross sales in the theatres.

How far will the Man of Steel go? I think it will be an easy win to get into the top 10 – beating out Superman Returns (#17), Batman Begins (#16), X2 (#15), Hancock (#14), X-men 3: The Last Stand (#13), Batman (#12) (the 1989 Michael Keaton version), and The Incredibles (#11). But what about the top 10? Can the Man of Steel take on the superhero team-up The Avengers, featuring heroes from their own movies – Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Incredible Hulk? Thoughts?

Note: Iron Man 3 is the only one still in the theatres and may still change…

Another Interesting Note: In the top 10 movies, there are four Spiderman movies, three Iron Man movies, two Batman (Dark Knight) movies, and The Avengers.

*Update on June 29th: Man of Steel has passed Superman Returns, Batman Begins, X2: X-Men United, and Hancock to take the #14 spot of best superhero movies of all time. Go Superman!

*Update on June 30th: Man of Steel just knocked out X-Men 3: The Last Stand from the #13 spot.

*Update on July 3rd: Man of Steel just passed Batman (the 1989 version) to take the #12 spot.

*Update July 8th: Man of Steel just knocked out The Incredibles and The Amazing Spiderman, making it into the #10 spot of the top 10 superhero movies of all time!

  • See part #2 to this post HERE.
Rank Title Lifetime Gross / Theaters
1 Marvel’s The Avengers $623,357,910
2 The Dark Knight $534,858,444
3 The Dark Knight Rises $448,139,099
4 Spider-Man $403,706,375
5 Iron Man 3 $401,606,000
6 Spider-Man 2 $373,585,825
7 Spider-Man 3 $336,530,303
8 Iron Man $318,412,101
9 Iron Man 2 $312,433,331
10 The Amazing Spider-Man $262,030,663

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