#Saskatchewan Born Pastor to Don Blue & Gold This Sunday at #Church!

Dear church family,

riders versus bombers

I love our town of Beausejour, and I love the Province of Manitoba. This is home! It has been about seven years now since Liza and I first heard the call from the Lord to come and pastor Beausejour Community Church.

But I was born and raised in Saskatchewan. And all boys who grow up in Saskatchewan bleed green. We are, and will always be, fans of the Roughriders. Even though I lived in BC for 15 years before moving to Manitoba, I have always cheered on the Riders. (That’s CFL football, to my followers south of the border!).

And every year it’s the same – Labour Day weekend there is the big rivalry between Saskatchewan and the Blue Bombers played out in Regina, and then the following weekend is the Banjo Bowl in Winnipeg. This year, the Riders won the first game (and the resulting win for me was a free Tim Horton’s gift card – thanks Conrad!).

However, this past Sunday in the Banjo Bowl, the Bombers somehow, miraculously… didn’t Bomb. In fact, they won. David beat Goliath! The 1 & 8 Bombers beat the 8 & 1 Riders! And (I hate to admit) they played well doing it, too!

But do you know what that means? Because of me and my big mouth, I have to wear a Blue Bombers jersey to church this coming Sunday morning. That is… if anyone of you has one that I can borrow?!? Let me know!

I want to encourage you to come out for our annual “Back-to-Church” Sunday this Sunday, Sept. 15th – not just to see your friendly neighbourhood pastor in a Blue & Gold jersey, but also to kick off the new school year with a message about the life-transforming love and grace of Jesus Christ. A great Sunday to invite friends – with a free BBQ after church at Mark & Kim’s! Hope to see you there…

(Did you see this video the Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, posted before the Labour Day Classic?)


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Husband. Father. Author. Pastor. High School Bible Teacher. Follower of Jesus. And I enjoy a good cup of coffee!
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