Jesus hates Halloween…Really???

I know we’re a day after Halloween, but I thought I’d share one more post with thoughts on the discussion, for your consideration… I like a lot of what he had to say, minus the pumpkin spiced latte of course. Just give me my coffee straight up StarbucksTM coffee beans, or a double double Tim Horton’s coffee!

Culture Monk

halloween really

by Kenneth Justice

~Jesus hates Halloween….ever hear that before? Growing up in a conservative Evangelical Christian community I heard it more times than I care to remember. Actually, much of my childhood was all about hearing what Jesus ‘hated’….it seems like Jesus apparently hated a lot of things…or at least that is what the preachers of my childhood believed.

However, I had a father that was a bit bullheaded when it came to being told what to do (or what NOT to celebrate) so my early childhood years are filled with memories of carving scary faces in pumpkins with my dad……of course he and I never mentioned at church what we did at home.

But I don’t want to throw under the bus those that don’t celebrate Halloween. I hate it when anyone tries to make others feel guilty for their particular beliefs. I respect the rights of…

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