Now and Then – Celebrating 19 Years of #Marriage – #500Post

This is a special post today for two reasons. First of all, this marks my 500th post on the New Life Blog. and secondly, today marks my 19 year wedding anniversary with my wife, Liza.

weddingTo celebrate, here is a look at some things that are different between now and then.

Then: On March 25th, 1995, Liza Woods and I were married at Victory Christian Centre (now called Relate Church) by Pastor John Burns. My best man was Jerrold Lewis – the young man who led me to the Lord. Liza’s maid of honour was her best friend Jen Windle.

Now: Today, Liza and I are celebrating 19 years of marriage. We have experienced days of sickness and health, richer and poorer, better and worse, but through it all, our love has grown deeper and stronger.

Then: Liza and I were the youth pastors at Victory Christian Centre in Surrey, BC. I had only been in full time ministry for around two years.

Today: Liza and I are the lead pastors of Beausejour Community Church in Beausejour, Manitoba. We have been in full time ministry together for over twenty years.

Then: It was just Liza and me. Or Me and Liza. Liza and I? (Oh grammar rules, why must you torment me so!)

Now: We have four beautiful children – Caleb, Tori, Austin and Hannah and a little King Charles Cavalier Spaniel dog named Cooper. Our oldest son Caleb is 17 years old and is graduating from high school this year.

Then: For our honeymoon, Liza and I went to the West Edmonton Mall for a week. I know it doesn’t sound that exotic, but if you know how much Liza loves to shop, then you know that taking her to one of the largest malls in the world just makes sense.

Now: Tonight, we’re heading into the big city of Winnipeg for our anniversary date night.

Then: We lived in a bustling metropolis on the west coast of Canada where the weather was very mild and temperate, although it rained way too much.

Now: We live in a little town on the prairies in the middle of the country where the summers are HOT, and the winters are COLD, but thankfully it doesn’t rain near as much!

Then: During the first couple years of marriage, Liza and I lived in the dorms at Pacific Life Bible College while I finished up my BA in Pastoral Leadership. We lived in tiny basement suites, apartment buildings and rented houses.

Now: Liza and I own a beautiful home where we have enjoyed watching our children grow up together for the past seven years.

Then: When we first got married, Liza didn’t know how to cook. True story. Don’t get mad at me – she would tell you the same thing!

Now: Liza is one of the most amazing cooks ever! She makes so many sumptuous meals, and although she does most of the cooking in our family, when it comes to big breakfasts on the weekends or BBQ’s, that’s my job.

Then: I was 22 years old when Liza and I got married – just a kid! Liza’s age is none of your business, so why would you even try to find out? Stop right now. Danger Will Robinson!

Now: At 41 years of age, I have been together with Liza for almost half of my life. It’s hard to remember what life was like B.L. (Before Liza)! I can honestly say I love her more today than I did when we first got married.




Chris & Liza

The Bible says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favour from the Lord. I thank God for the blessing that Liza is to my life, and look forward to spending many more years together growing in our love with one another. I love you babe!

Happy anniversary…

– Chris

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5 Responses to Now and Then – Celebrating 19 Years of #Marriage – #500Post

  1. Kathy says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both. We are all very blessed and thankful that you ended up living on the prairies.

  2. Mel Wild says:

    Happy anniversary and have a blessed time celebrating it together. 🙂

  3. A Servant says:

    Congrats on both. 28 years for me but I’m far behind the 500.
    A Servant

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