A Stroll Through the Graveyard


You’d be surprised at the number of unique and unusual requests that I get as a pastor. Most recently, I received a letter from a pastor in Oklahoma in the United States back in November of 2013 that read, in part:

Dear Rev. Jordan,

You do not know me. My name is _____. I am a pastor… I have a rather odd request of you. If you can help me, I’d be greatly appreciative. My request is this: my paternal grandparents are buried in the Tyndall Community / RM Brokenhead Cemetery in Tyndall. I’ve never been there and probably never will, but I’d like to have pictures of their grave site…

Sometime, when it’s not a big deep freeze up there, could I impose on you to take a trip out there and snap some photos of the headstones up close and the site from several angles? There are many of us who have never been there and would greatly appreciate some photos… Thank you in advance.

Well, now that spring has finally arrived (after an exceptionally long 5 month winter!), this afternoon, my wife Liza and I made the trek out to our neighbouring community of Tyndall to do just that. We wandered through the cemetery, but were unsuccessful in finding the graves of the pastor’s grandparents. We found several tombstones with the same last name, but not the ones he was looking for.

So, that was our unique adventure this sunny spring afternoon!

How did you spend YOUR Saturday?

Pastor Chris


About Chris Jordan

Husband. Father. Author. Pastor. High School Bible Teacher. Follower of Jesus. And I enjoy a good cup of coffee!
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3 Responses to A Stroll Through the Graveyard

  1. But what a kindness that was even to look for his grandparents. Bless you for that small sacrifice.

  2. High school graduation, hospital visits, and a visit to a book signing to meet Todd Starnes of Fox News. Then, because our oldest daughter is in town, I slept on the couch so she could sleep with my wife. Now that Sunday morning is here I am looking forward to Monday – I need the rest!

  3. Mel Wild says:

    Ahhh…my Saturday? It was dealing with a deeply wounded and broken marriage with one of our leaders. (didn’t get much sleep Saturday night either). Believe me, I would’ve rather strolled some graveyards! 🙂

    But, on a cheerier note, that’s awesome that you would do that for that pastor. I’ve actually enjoyed looking at some of the more historic graveyards and tombstones out in the northeast US. But the most entertaining was Boot Hill in Tombstone, AZ! Love the epitaphs.

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