Costa Rica 2014 – Day #5: Healing in La Isleta and Revival in La Guinea!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve come to the end of day five, which means we are already at the halfway mark of our Costa Rica mission trip! In some ways it seems like we just got here, but at other times it feels like we’ve been here forever. I love the beautiful people of Costa Rica, and thank God for the blessing of leading this mission team from Canada!

Today is Sunday, and that means that our day was spent in not one, but two amazing church services! We had a morning service at Pastor John and Debbie’s first church plant in La Isleta. Our team helped lead worship, led singing some songs for the children, and presented our drama. Three young teens girls from the Costa Rica church shared a drama about choosing between good and evil, God and the devil – it was great!

Then I preached a message about Jesus the Healer, based on John chapter 5, where Jesus asked a man, “Do you want to be made well?” I talked about how Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, and how He still wants to heal the sick today, bring peace to troubled hearts and minds, and deliver those who are in bondage. We ended the service with our team sharing our cardboard testimonies and inviting people to come forward for prayer to encounter Jesus as saviour, healer, and deliverer. In the service, three people came forward and gave their lives to Jesus for the first time – praise the Lord!

We also handed out rainbow loom bracelets to the children, most of which were made by my daughter Hannah (probably over half of the 600 or so we took with us) and some others were made by girls from our church and in our community in Beausejour. We want to give a huge thank you and God bless you to everyone who made these bracelets, because even though they are only a small thing, they were like gold in the hands of these precious little children when they received them!

IMG_0833  IMG_0832

IMG_0835  IMG_0837

IMG_0838  IMG_0842

IMG_3880 IMG_3852


After church, we had lunch at the home of one of the members of the church – a fabulous authentic Costa Rican meal. During lunch, we had our three youth experience the initiation of eating a crazy hot red pepper, which all of them survived and now have earned bragging rights – good job Austin, Amy and Alice! After lunch we visited an iguana park (where one of our team members because of some apparent phobia was absent… no names will be mentioned, right Uncle Mack?). Then we headed to our second service in La Guinea.

Here we were so blessed by the response especially from the children as we presented our two fun children’s songs and enjoyed watching them participate with enthusiasm. One of the highlights of the day for me was seeing so many people from both churches that I had met on my previous two trips to Costa Rica. So many beautiful people!

After worship and our songs and drama, I preached again, this time a message on Jesus our Peace. I shared the story from Mark 5 where Jesus and His disciples were in the boat and a storm came up, and I talked about how Jesus can bring peace into the midst of any storm in our lives – storms of sickness, sadness, bad habits, broken relationships, worry, anxiety, fear and so many more. We ended again with our cardboard testimonies and invited people to come forward for prayer.

That’s when revival fire fell! The Holy Spirit began ministering powerfully as the team began to pray for people. I prayed for so many fatherless young people to receive the Father’s love and blessing, and was overwhelmed as I watched them weeping and sobbing in the presence of the Lord. God came down – praise His name!

At the end of the service, we handed out more bracelets to the children, which they were so excited to receive. Praise the Lord for all of the good things He is doing!

IMG_0862  IMG_0863

IMG_0868 IMG_0869

IMG_0871 IMG_0875  IMG_0877  IMG_0879



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One Response to Costa Rica 2014 – Day #5: Healing in La Isleta and Revival in La Guinea!

  1. Heather Rudge says:

    I will pray for all those children ,Love the work you are all doing , , Wendy I am so happy you are there , I know how well you are with children , Blessings to you .and to the whole team.

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