Costa Rica 2014 – Day #6 – A Day of Rest and Relaxation

Although our mission trip is only 10 days long, we took a day off today. First of all, it is a very Biblical concept: the idea of the Sabbath – taking one day of rest out of seven. As we rest on that one day, we are strengthened and recharged to do all the rest of what we have to do during the other 6 days of the week.

And so, our day today began with a little rest and relaxation on the beach. Also, it only makes sense that if we are going to come all the way to Costa Rica that we would enjoy some of the natural beauty and wonder that God placed within this country! Some of the team members swam in the ocean, and Tori, Austin and Amy went snorkeling and saw some beautiful fish! Then we shared a meal together on the beach.


IMG_0922  IMG_0926

After lunch, we went back to home base, and then some of the adults went downtown Playas del Coca to do some souvenir shopping. During that time, I took our four teens to the Congo Trail zipline where we sailed through the tree tops of the jungles of Costa Rica, and saw monkeys, snakes, birds and iguanas.


IMG_0964  IMG_0972  IMG_0933  IMG_0939


We ended off our evening with a fabulous fiesta of chicken quesadillas prepared by our very own cheffie, Uncle Mack!

fiesta 1  fiesta 2

Tomorrow, we are off to Las Lomas to feed some poor families, and in the evening, we will be doing some street ministry including food, songs, dramas, testimonies and more! Thanks for your continued prayers…


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