The Weeknd Funnies – on #TV and Passive #Entertainment

One of the themes Bill Waterson visited repeatedly in his Calvin and Hobbes comic strips was the influence of the media – and especially television – on people. Although TV is not necessarily bad or evil (we have cable, Netflix, and a BlueRayTM player in our home), it can definitely become a time-waster, distraction, or even an idol if we let it.

Do you watch too much TV in your house??

Calvin & Hobbes - TV 6

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Calvin and Hobbes (c) 2014 Bill Waterson.


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2 Responses to The Weeknd Funnies – on #TV and Passive #Entertainment

  1. We used to. As a couple, we have never had cable/satellite, and you may remember from my blog that we got rid of Netflix and Hulu. We do have an X-Box360 and Bluray player, and we currently have roommates with Netflix that we occasionally watch with them. Otherwise, we just watch the occasional show or movie. It was a bit of an addiction for us, we had to admit. We simply did not realize it until we cut most of it out!

    • Chris Jordan says:

      Daniel – thanks for sharing! I think there are many people who don’t realize how much of an addiction it is for them… glad to hear about the positive choices you’re making for your family!

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