Chris and Liza’s Great Maritime Adventure – Part #2 – Convention Reports

Did I mIMG_4177ention how our great adventure started? If you’ve ever travelled with my wife Liza before, you would know that wherever she goes, there’s always a story. Well, our trip to Halifax was no different. Because of traffic in Winnipeg, we arrived to the airport… late! We missed our flight, but thanks to the wonderful people at West Jet, they were able to get us on a later flight, and we eventually made it to Halifax, albeit a little later than originally planned.

Fast forward to Wednesday, and day two of our annual Foursquare Pastor’s Convention…

IMG_4197 Corey Klassen & PLBC leading worship.

IMG_4200The keynote speaker for the convention was Dr. Daniel Brown, known as a friend and mentor to Foursquare pastors and national leaders throughout the world. He is the author of one of my favourite Christian books on leadership – “The Other Side of Pastoral Ministry.” I heard him speak at one of our previous conferences, and he is definitely one of my favourite leadership speakers.

In the morning session, Dr. Daniel took us on a journey through the Gospel of John and shared with us different aspects of what Jesus taught about the Holy Spirit. He shared with us the sobering truth that never before has the knowledge of the Bible been so low among church goers, and it’s true! As pastors, we have a God-given mandate and responsibility to faithfully preach the Word of God to His people!

IMG_4201After the morning session, I had the privilege of sharing in one of three different workshops. My topic was: Super Naturally: How to Add God’s Super to Your Natural Without Being Weird. I shared with the pastors some practical thoughts on how God wants all of His children to learn how to be empowered by the Holy Spirit so that we can bring about transformation in the lives of everyone we meet. You can view the notes from this session HERE.

In the evening session, Dr. Daniel Brown shared again on the topic of the Holy Spirit from 1 Corinthians 12. He shared with us how God wants us to be knowledgeable about the different gifts, ministries and activities of the Holy Spirit, and how as pastors we need to help our people to discover and develop their different and unique spiritual gifts in their lives. He also challenged us once again to make sure that we are opening up the Word of God to or people and serving them fresh bread – new revelation from Heaven! We ended off the evening service with a powerful time of praying with and for one another, and we saw God do amazing things. I was refreshed, and expect more good things to come…


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