The Real Origin of the Species (Book Review)

the real origin of the species bookThe Real Origin of the Species: Twelve New and Compelling Reasons to Believe That God Exists

By Oscar J. Daniels, Sr.

A Book Review

As a Christian Pastor, the topic of creationism versus evolution is one that is very interesting to me. I have read numerous books on both sides of the debate, from evolutionist Richard Dawkins’ The Greatest Show on Earth and Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species, to creationist Ken Ham’s The New Answers Book and Henry Morris’ teachings in the Institute for Creation Research.

Oscar Daniels’ book’s byline declared that it was about “Twelve New and Compelling Reasons to Believe That God Exists.” As a Christian who believes in the theory of Biblical creationism, I agreed with many of the principles he brought forth in the book. However, I don’t know if I would agree with the statement he made in his forward that “This book enters the debate with some surprising and compelling arguments.” I don’t know if I agree either with his declaration that “By the time you finish reading this fascinating material, you will no longer be in doubt.” In my humble opinion, the material was neither new nor compelling.

For one thing, the general formatting for the book itself detracted from any sense of professionalism, like the large font size, and the out-of-place underlined and italicized real in the title. On top of that, when I came to the end of the book (which I completed in one sitting), I couldn’t even articulate what the “Twelve” new and compelling reasons to believe that God exists were – such list was nowhere to be found in the book!

That being said, I don’t believe the book was terrible. I did agree with most of his general premises stated about creationism being a more logical and reasonable explanation for the universe than the Big Bang Theory or the theory of evolution. I liked the way he explained the geologic column from the Biblical perspective, taking into consideration the law of gravity and law of buoyancy. He included some great examples for how unreliable carbon dating is as well.

He also made some great assertions like: “Scientists always interpret the data in ways that make it fit the template of evolution. This practice leads them to false conclusions and puts them at odds with the biblical record.” However, one of the major problems I had with the way he presented his material was how he consistently put scientists and theologians (Christians) as being at odds at one another. True, there are many evolutionary scientists who believe in the false theory of evolution and the Big Bang Theory, but Daniels neglected to mention the fact that there are many scientists who are Christians who believe in the Biblical account of creation, and deny evolution. Science itself is not wrong, rather the false theories of evolution and the Big Bang Theory are. Science itself – and the created, organized world – actually points to the reality of a Creator!

One final complaint with this book is the lack of any sort of documented references and source material for some of his quotes. That would have been helpful to build his case and credibility.

In conclusion, although I think there are many things that could have improved this volume, overall, it is still nice to have another voice in the publishing world that affirms the Biblical account of creationism.

  • Three out of five stars.

Book Review by Chris Jordan.

Note – the publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of the book through BookCrash in return for my reviewing this book on my blog.

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