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The Weekend Funnies – the right to do whatever I want

It’s amazing how our culture today tells people, “You have the right to do whatever you want!” Sadly, this message is creating a generation of entitled people who feel like they don’t have to do anything, but they deserve everything. … Continue reading

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Don’t Take a Vacation From Church (or God) This Summer!

I was reflecting today upon the fact that a lot of people take a vacation from God and Church during the summer, and so I want to give you this hearty challenge: Don’t do it! Now don’t misunderstand what I’m … Continue reading

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On the Bookshelf – Teaching to Change Lives by Howard Hendricks

When I was an adjunct professor at Pacific Life Bible College from 1999-2006, I used a textbook called Living by the Book by Howard Hendricks in my first year class, Bible Research. This was perhaps one of the most practical … Continue reading

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I Read Dead People (like Charles Spurgeon and others!)

I read dead people. Charles Spurgeon. John Bunyan. John Calvin. CS Lewis. Arthur Pink. Leonard Ravenhill. AW Tozer. St. Augustine. The list goes on… All dead. All great authors. Some pastors. Some preachers. All love Jesus. I like reading contemporary … Continue reading

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No Cost Too High, No Effort Too Great – 2015 #EverestVBS Report

This past week, our church hosted a Vacation Bible School. This is one of our annual children’s ministry outreach events that reaches the most unchurched children and families out of everything we do during the year. This year was no … Continue reading

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The Storyteller – The Parables of Jesus #4: The Unforgiving Servant – #Sermon of the Week

THE STORYTELLER: THE PARABLES OF JESUS #4: THE UNFORGIVING SERVANT (Pastor Chris Jordan – Beausejour Church) To listen to or download the audio MP3, click HERE. INTRO TO SPEAKER: Thirteen years ago today, I was on a mission trip in … Continue reading

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The Weekend Funnies – on summer reading

I love to read! According to my Goodreads “Currently Reading” list, I have seven books on the go right now (and many more on my to-read list). Some of the books I’m reading right now include: The Confessions of St. … Continue reading

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