A Church Compromised by Janet Basurto (Book Review)

a church compromised bookA Church Compromised

By Janet Basurto.

A Book Review:

At the beginning of her book, author Janet Basurto asserts that: “The Body of Christ has made too many compromises when it comes to God’s Commandments.” And to that general statement I would have to agree. However, I was very disappointed in her overall presentation of her material in this book. There were several spelling and grammatical mistakes, and therefore, the book would have definitely benefitted from an editor. The introduction was weak and didn’t really lay a strong foundation for where the author was going with her premise of the compromises in the church.

In chapter three, the author opens by referring to an article she had read, but at no point does she cite the original material. In this chapter on abortion and the death penalty, the author says, “How can one claim to represent something that is Supported by The bible, but Ignore the SAME thing. Where does it say in the bible that It is okay to Murder Anyone? To Punish one sin with Another just donʹt sound right.” Bad grammar aside, the author here shows her ignorance of the Scriptures she refers to. For example, although the Bible does say that abortion is a sin, the Old Testament law however does affirm the death penalty as a punishment for murder (see Exodus 21:12).

Far too many of Basurto’s assertions lack any sort of evidence to back up her claims, like the statement “Many people today proclaim ʹHalloweenʹ as a Christian holiday that is celebrated amongst Christians everywhere” in chapter four. Who are these ‘many people’ she is referring to? Another example is this statement in chapter five: “Some of the ʹBig Nameʹ preachers today have been teaching and preaching false Grace. They teach that it is ok to partake in consuming Alcohol.” Again, for the sake of credibility, it would be helpful to mention who these big name preachers are that she speaks of.

As I mentioned in a previous book review, I believe that there are far too many substandard Christian works that are out there, and unfortunately the name “Christian” has taken on a negative connotation when it comes to most media offerings – be they movies, music, or even books. I would love to see more excellent quality Christian resources presented that are as good as, if not superior to, their secular counterparts.

In conclusion, I do believe that the basic idea behind the author’s book is a good one, and with some more thought, work, research and editing, this could potentially be a challenging trumpet call to the church!

  • One out of five stars.

Book Review by Chris Jordan.

Note – the publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of the book through BookCrash in return for my reviewing this book on my blog.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of this book, you can order it here on Amazon:


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One Response to A Church Compromised by Janet Basurto (Book Review)

  1. bryntjones76 says:

    Nice summary of the book. There is certainly much that is compromised with the “church.” I put that in quotes because Christ’s Church is not compromised. The organizations of earthly churches allow much in the mix from the folly of Balam, etc. Nothing is new since Paul wrote to the Corinthians or John penned the letters to the 7 churches.

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