What’s a Canadian Christian to do with Justin Trudeau and the New Liberal Government?

Dear friends,


Like many Christians, I was intensely interested in our most recent Canadian election, and spent time praying, participating, and most importantly voting. The Bible commands us as Christians to pray for and honour our government leaders, whether we agree with their politics or not. Therefore, whether you are pleased with or disappointed by the results of the election, I want to challenge you to pray for our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

The Bible says: “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior.” (1 Tim. 2:1-3). So let us pray!

I had it on my heart to write a long reflection upon the election, but came across this great article by Faytene Grasseschi of the My Canada association, that so perfectly expressed my thoughts. So, allow me to share her reflections with you today. Take heart – God is still on the throne!

fayteneReflections On Election Night

by Faytene Grasseschi

Dear Friends,

Election night has come and gone. What an amazing several weeks we have just had. Canada has just elected a new government and a new Prime Minister. Following are some reflection points regarding the events of this day and the past weeks.


The first thing we want to say is a massive thank you to YOU. Thank you to all of you who prayed, fasted, voted, volunteered and gave to righteous campaigns. You are our heroes and we are so grateful for your sacrifice. We also want to say that we wholeheartedly believe that none of this labour was in vain. Our Father in heaven sees everything. Whether our preferred candidate won or not, every good work done out of love for Him will be stored up in heaven and added to your heavenly account. Nothing is ever wasted when it is done for the Lord.


Now that the election result is in and we have a new Prime Minister we want to encourage us all to continue in a spirit of prayer for our nation and for our new leader. The Bible instructs us to pray for those in authority so that we may live peaceful lives. It also says to honour those in authority. We encourage you to take a moment and write an e-mail to Prime Minister Trudeau to congratulate him, honour him as our new leader and let him know you will be praying for him and the new government.

In light of the current global climate, this government will be facing some of the most difficult issues that the nation has ever had to deal with. They will need wisdom from God. Let’s commit to covering them in prayer and in love as they lead our nation forward.


We believe Prime Minister Stephen Harper deserves great honour from the nation of Canada at this time. He has led our nation successfully when other nations have been shaken to the core and has elevated our nation to the status of best nation in the world during his leadership. We are indebted to him and his family for their service and sacrifice to us for years. We encourage you to take a moment to send them an e-mail and thank them for their decade of faithful service to Canada, to honour them and let them know that you will be praying for them during this time of transition.


Finally, though we all worked hard for this pivotal day for our nation and believe it is important for Christians to engage in democratic process, we want to say that our ultimate hope is never in a natural government. Our hope is in God. He is our help. He is our defender. He is our provider. He is our refuge. This is a time to keep our eyes on that truth. Let us continue in a spirit of prayer for our nation. Let’s believe God for the greatest outpouring of His spirit that any generation has ever seen. Revival is our survival. Let’s love Canada as we love our neighbours, family, friends and people that we meet on a day to day basis. They are Canada. As we continue to pray for our nation, pray for the harvest and press in for revival from sea to sea we can be confident that great things are ahead for Canada.

Thank you again for all of your hard work and sacrifice over these past weeks.

God bless you and God bless Canada.

You can read this entire article here on 4MYCanada.


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7 Responses to What’s a Canadian Christian to do with Justin Trudeau and the New Liberal Government?

  1. Good post. A good Christian will thank God for everything that happens, for it all happens for the good of man. I appreciate the spirit of the post. I would love to know more about the faith of the new Prime Minister. Is he Moslem, or some other faith? We who are far away are ignorant of the details. May God guide this young leader to lead his people according to His command.

  2. Sal Mayne says:

    I admire your commitment to praying for and supporting our government despite it not being the one you want. But I’d be interested in knowing the basis of your information, specifically as to how Harper “elevated our nation to the status of best nation in the world during his leadership”. Obviously this is your opinion but it is not based in fact. If you delve into what international leaders and press feel about Harper and his government, you might reevaluate that statement. Any of our military involvements will have been met with mixed reviews depending on the positions of our allies, but Harper’s refusal to participate in climate change conferences, his disdain for and avoidance of the United Nations, the shutting down of scientific research and the lack of protection of our environment are all issues that have received numerous condemnations. I have a number of friends and relatives who have evangelical beliefs and I was raised in the faith as well. I do not harbour hatred or rancor towards them or my upbringing. What I do not understand is how Christians, particularly evangelical Christians, can support a government that does not follow New Testament teachings, i.e., caring for the poor and disadvantaged and being good stewards of His creation. I feel too many people are sticking their heads in the sand, choosing to believe that the Conservative party is the only choice while ignoring the policies and attitudes that do not in any way reflect the Conservative party that they and their forebears elected in the past. Yes, continue to pray for our country and its leaders, but please refrain from promoting the myths that lead to myopic and misguided thinking.

    • Chris Jordan says:

      You asked for the basis of the information stating that Harper “elevated our nation to the status of best nation in the world during his leadership”. This is more than just opinion as you stated, it is fact. The original was from a very reputable Canadian news source was CTV. See the quote below:

      “Canada is the “most admired” country with the “best reputation” in the world, according to an annual survey ranking the reputations of developed nations across the globe. The 2015 report from the Reputation Institute ranked Canada as the most reputable country in the world, based on a variety of environmental, political, and economic factors.”

      This was written by Josh Elliott from CTVnews.ca in an article you can read here:

  3. Norma Brewer says:

    Very good article. It would be helpful to know the e-mail address that can be used to contact both Mr Harper and Mr Trudeau.

  4. Clark says:

    What’s the point? Are we not taught to do the very same and to pray and support all elected governments?

    Seems publicity ploy using the election results to publish a hollow message.

    I’m sorry but I’d be willing to be you didn’t pray for Justin today… Trudeau that is, but Bieber needs them too.

    • Chris Jordan says:

      Clark – the point is yes that we as Christians should all pray for our government leaders, no matter what country we live in, or what sort of government leaders we have – 1 Timothy 2 teaches us that. And yes, I have been regularly praying for our new Prime Minister since his election! I hope all Christians in Canada are doing the same, praying for God’s wisdom and guidance to be upon him as he leads our nation!

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