The Weekend Funnies – What’s for Dinner?

In our family, my wife Liza does most of the cooking. She is quite good at it, and why mess with a good thing? My cooking is basically limited to breakfasts (I love to do a big breakfast on Saturday mornings, usually pancakes or waffles with bacon, eggs, hashbrowns – delicious!) and BBQ’s. Every once in a while when I fill in for dinner, I’ll make my famous chicken or beef and veggie stir fry, or hamburger helper. Nothing special.

However, with my wife being on a two week trip with her mom and some other family members to London, England, I’ve been forced to get creative and try making some new meals – from a ham dinner with scalloped potatoes, to tonight’s culinary adventure – a roast beef dinner with potatoes, carrots, and of course gravy. Dinner wasn’t as good as my wife’s, but the kids are fed and fueled and ready to make it through another day!

Today’s Calvin and Hobbes comic strip is a good one for any parent who has ever experienced the challenges of trying to get your kids to try new things, or things they normally don’t like. Enjoy!


Calvin & Hobbes (c) 2016 Bill Waterson.
p.s. Here are a couple of travel photos from my wife’s London adventure, including a shot of Charles Spurgeon’s church – the Metropolitan Tabernacle!
Liza England Big BenCharles Spurgeon's Church 2
Charles Spurgeon's Church with LizaCharles Spurgeon's Church

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