On the Bookshelf – Overcomers Outreach by Bob and Pauline Bartosch

overcomers-outreach-bookIn addition to serving as a guidance counsellor and teacher at Regent Christian Academy, I also have the privilege of serving as the Executive Coordinator for a Christian 12 step recovery ministry called Overcomers Outreach of Canada. Earlier this fall, I had the opportunity to read through the book Overcomers Outreach: A Bridge to Recovery, written by Bob and Pauline Bartosch, the founders of our ministry.

As the back of the book blurb states, Overcomers Outreach is a network of Christ centered 12-step support groups. The vision that God put into the hearts of Bob and Pauline Bartosch has grown into a much-needed bridge that connects traditional 12 step groups and the church.

This book is an opportunity to explore new dimensions of personal healing as you take this life-changing journey of recovery. What follows are some of my favourite quotes from this book.

“The 12 steps… are based on biblically based principles like acceptance, confession, honesty, accountability and service. According to Dr. Bob S. and Bill W., founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, these principles were gleaned from the Sermon on the Mount, 1 Corinthians 13, and the book of James, among other passages. The principles were developed into 12 steps that have helped and offered hope to more addicted and abused people than any other program.”

“What was needed was God Himself, revealed in flesh and blood through caring arms wrapped around those in despair, helping them break free from the addiction trap.”

“Others, who were not alcoholics, but struggled with codependency, sexual abuse, depression, and eating disorders, came to discover the hope found in working the 12 steps and began attending recovery groups.”

“Those of us who overcame life-threatening addictions will be the first to say that it was pain that finally brought us to our knees.”

“Why did we compile this book? Its primary purpose is to serve as a strong scriptural support base and positive network for thousands of Overcomers all over the world who can identify with and profit from the miraculous stories recorded by other Overcomers.”

“Christians in recovery no longer desire to hide or cover up as they had before. We quit being people pleasers and began to experience new dimensions of healing by being honest with ourselves and with others.”

“Just for today we make the positive choice to live in serenity, sober and abstinent, with God’s help.”

“H.O.W. can we get well? Be becoming Honest, Open and Willing to surrender to God’s will for us.”

“Somehow, we didn’t fit in anymore with our church friends… Even if we did get honest, we got the feeling that the church had become a kind of country club for saints, and that the club members would just as soon as have people like ourselves either become invisible or find other places to worship. Though our search was largely unsuccessful, we were desperately looking for a hospital for sinners like ourselves.”

“An Overcomers Outreach 12-step support group is a supplementary Christian program designed to help bridge the gap between traditional 12-step recovery programs and Christian churches of all denominations.”

You can order your own copy of the book Overcomers Outreach from our Canada office HERE or our US office HERE.

Click HERE to see the 12 steps of Overcomers Outreach.

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