Trafficked: My Story #BookReview #SocialJustice

traffickedIt’s ironic, isn’t it? Less than a month ago, I posted a book review for Phil Collin’s memoir Not Dead Yet, where I made the comment that I’m not really a fan of biographies. Shortly after that, I was grocery shopping with my wife at Costco when I came across the book Trafficked: My Story by Sophie Hayes. The book is the true story of a British girl far away from home who is sold into prostitution.

From the acknowledgements at the beginning of her book, she writes: “Everyone deserves freedom and basic human rights, and although he stole my freedom, I am going to do everything in my power to fight back and make a difference.” Me too!

What follows are some of the quotes from this book to open your eyes a little bit to the dark world of human trafficking. My hope and prayer is that it will motivate and inspire you to get involved and refuse to do nothing!

“What Kas did to me opened my eyes to the terrible things some people are capable of doing to others. Working with STOP THE TRAFFIK is helping me to make something positive out of what I’d thought was a totally and irretrievably negative experience, and I want to use that experience to try to help other people who haven’t been as fortunate as, ultimately, I was and to help raise awareness about people trafficking.”

“It’s easy to dismiss girls who work on the streets as deadbeats or drug addicts without ever thinking about why they’re working as prostitutes. And the truth is that many of them have been trafficked and they work long, exhausting, miserable, soul-destroying hours for men who are cruel and violent. They’re constantly afraid, not just because of what might be done to them if they don’t do what they’re told, but also because of the very real threats that are made against their families and the people they love.”

“A Note from Robin: I believe strongly that the more publicity there is about trafficking and the more knowledge people have about it, the better equipped we’ll be to fight it. Anything that results in just one extra person being rescued from repeated beatings and rape is worthwhile, which is why I was so pleased to know that Sophie is trying to create something positive out of her own horrendous experience by working with STOP THE TRAFFIK and by writing a book about her ordeal. (Robin is a Detective Constable working for the UK Sexual Crime Unit).”

“Stop the Traffik: Men, women and children are being exploited by force or by trickery all around the world. They are victims of human trafficking, a global crime by means of which criminals earn vast amounts of money from abusing the human rights of vulnerable individuals… The International Labour Organization estimates that there are at least 12.3 million people in forced labour worldwide… approximately 2.5 million are victims of human trafficking and half are under the age of eighteen.”

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2 Responses to Trafficked: My Story #BookReview #SocialJustice

  1. Mel Wild says:

    It’s a horribly evil and unacceptable crime against humanity. I have friend who is rescuing little girls and boys in Thailand from trafficking and putting them in homes with families. So much more needs to be done. Thanks for sharing her story so we put a face to it instead of judging the many who are helpless and hopeless victims on our own streets.

  2. This issue is very close to my heart. I hate it! Being a father of two little girls, it breaks my heart for all of them and also for the little boys. Such a horrific thing! I’m so glad people are doing things to help all over the world. I want to do more myself. Thanks for sharing

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