Mexico Mission Trip – Spring Break Report #3

Here’s the third set of reports from my wife Liza and the mission team from Regent Christian Academy in Mexico…

Thursday in Mexico:

What a full day! Today started early again and everyone has been eager to start the day. The bus pulled out at 8 am and we headed to the build site to finish off the house. There were a few things that needed to be done at the house, so a small focused group stayed at the house to finish while the rest of the group drove up the hill to a women’s shelter. There the leaders of the shelter had a long list of odd jobs for us to help with. So our group jumped in and helped where needed to playing with kids, planting beans, fixing a fence and working in the kitchen. It seemed to be one of the hottest days here in Mexico but no one complained and just jumped in. Meanwhile our focused group worked away on finishing the house.

At lunch the whole team met back at the house build where our family that we were building the house for made us a lunch of chicken, beans and salad. After lunch we all piled into the new house where we sang a couple of songs and had an opportunity to dedicate the house. We prayed, read some scriptures and had an opportunity to bless the family. After many pictures we sadly had to say goodbye to our family. There were a few tears but also a lot of smiles.

Mexico - family and house

Once again we loaded up the bus and headed back to IDT where we had about 45 min to get cleaned up only to get back on the bus loaded up with a fabulous meal of beans and empanadas to take with us to the men’s rehab. After a 45 min drive we arrived at our destination. The rehab had 6 men staying there at this time. Some of the kids and men played a game of soccer and a few played volleyball. After we shared a meal with the men. After dinner we went into a powerful time of worship. Three of our students shared their testimony and then the men staying at the rehab shared theirs. After we started singing “How He Loves” and the students then went into a time of prayer for the men. The Holy Spirt was so powerful and overwhelming, many were touched and ministered to. It was such a powerful time.

During our prayer time Mr. Johnson was praying for the Pastor and his wife and after felt like we needed to head to their church just down the road and do a victory march around the building. There is such a feeling of depression over the area and we wanted to pray freedom over the pastor and the area. After marching and singing we went into the church where we prayed over the chairs in the building for the people who sit in them would receive and find that freedom. Then our students jumped onto the instruments and we sang Holy Spirit You are welcome here. It was an amazing powerful time. For the Pastor and our team. After a long day we headed back to IDT where we had a short debrief. The students are so excited for what God is doing in the people here but also in the team. One of the students commented that “we left as a team and are now a family”. What an amazing God time we are having! We have some changed students!

Mexico - group photo in front of house

Friday – Last Day of the House Build:

This is our last full day in Mexico and there are some very sad teenagers. Some think the trip was two short and want to stay longer and some want to stay forever. Being our last full day here… We got to sleep in until 7 this morning!! After a pancake breakfast we headed out for some fun and went to Maylu the local candy store. I now know where the phrase “a kid in a candy store” comes from. After loading our arms with all varieties of Mexican candy we headed the local Market that happens every Friday. It is located in a park, where vendors set up tables with all kinds of authentic Mexican items. We headed out in small groups to barter and purchase all our souvenirs. Right across the street was the ice cream store Thrifty’s. One of the team members Noble had wanted to buy ice cream for the team, so it was a nice treat on a hot day.

After leaving the market area we headed out for a little tour. A few team members had wanted to go to the house build from last year so we headed over to see the house. When we arrived we had hoped to meet the family from last year but no one was home. We had been invited for lunch at Elia’s for her famous fish tacos. They were so tasty. After lunch we just hung out chatting with a Elia, while some played with a few kids that were there. When we were leaving we were able to leave some Bibles for her, also some basic food items. Many of the team also decided to leave some of their clothes behind and donated them to Elia. It was sad to say good bye. We have only just met but it seems like it’s been much longer.

As we were leaving Elia’s we decided to drive to the beach before heading back to IDT. Our bus drive turned down the road he thought would lead us to the beach, but quickly realized that the road would also bring us back to the house build from last year. Upon pulling up to the house the mother was standing at the gate. A small delegation went out to greet her. She and her kids remembered those from last year. The team had an opportunity to find out how things have been going for her. Her story had taken a turn and she had to kick her husband out because he was quiet abusive with her. She and her 2 young girls were struggling. This gave the team an opportunity to pray for her and bless her. We really felt like this was a God given opportunity. We then continued up the road to find the beach.

When we reached the end of the road we saw the most beautiful masterpiece – the ocean. We were not able to go in the water but we enjoyed the view from a distance. Athens headed back to IDT where the staff had prepared an authentic Mexican meal for us. It was absolutely amazing. They went above and beyond. After dinner we had a our God time with a couple of songs and then went into a time of sharing. Sharing what God was doing and our feelings about the trip. That lasted a couple of hours spending quality time together. We came to Mexico to serve and love on the people here. I also know that each one of us were impacted from our time here. After we headed out side where the team was having fun reading self written poems and singing some songs. We laughed and had a good time together. And then it was off to bed at 10:30 as we have an very early start time tomorrow. Please continue to pray for the team as we head out on to the road and to the US border in the morning (today/Saturday).

Thanks for continuing to pray for the team as they journey home!

“And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen. (Matthew 28:18-20).



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