Mexico Mission Trip – Spring Break Report #4

Here are the final two reports from Liza from yesterday and today…

Saturday – Last Day in Mexico:

Time to say goodbye. During breakfast this morning we had a surprise visit by our house build family. They heard we were leaving today so they came to say goodbye. Right after breakfast it was time to clean up our rooms, pack our bags, clean the bus and load bus. Just before we loaded the bus we prayed for our house build family and then climbed on the bus. As we drove away from IDT we were happy to be heading home to some of the things we have been missing like Wifi but also sad because we have been having such an amazing time here.

Mexico - group on roof

As the temperature started to rise outside we started our journey to the Mexican border. We drove most of the morning arriving in Ensenada for lunch around 11:30, where we quickly grabbed some lunch from McDonalds and continued our journey. We decided to try the border crossing Tecate again, as it is a quieter border crossing. There wasn’t that long of a wait – we did have time to buy churros for everyone from a street vendor. As we approached the border they asked to see our passports and then sent the bus to unloaded. This time they only required us to bring our suitcases and some personal items. It didn’t take us too long to get the stuff needed and everyone through the scanner. And before long we were back on the bus in the United States.

We drove for a couple more hours to Corona, California. We headed to The Gathering Church – Ken Peters church – where they served us a wonderful meal – a delicious Tri Tip Beef. The kids have been entertaining themselves on the bus during all this driving. We still have many more hours of driving ahead of us, but for now we will enjoy our time off the bus.

Sunday: In California:

The shower this morning was wonderful! We got ourselves cleaned up and went to church this morning. The Gathering Church was having an outdoor worship service and then a BBQ in the park. It was a great experience to be a part of another church and worship with them. Today was another hot day and many are loving it. Some have been hiding from the sun. Today has been a bit of a quiet day as we have been so busy. The hotel we are staying at has an outdoor pool so many of the team spent the afternoon cooling off in it, while others had a little nap.

Later in the afternoon we all got together as a team to have a bit of a debrief and talk about our experiences and how do we take what we have done and what God has done in our lives and go home. How do we share our story with those who have never gone on a missions trip? From our very first meeting to today they has been a dramatic change in these kids and there is no doubt that God is working in each one of them. They each have had their own different experience and are excited to share with you.

During our meeting we gave Jessica a birthday card as tomorrow is her birthday and in the card was a pass to the Happiest Place on Earth! We are going to Disneyland! A lot of the team have been trying to guess what we are doing on our fun day and it has been a huge surprise. But now the surprise is out! We then headed down the street for a nice dinner out at Red Robin – table for 30 please! It was nice to go out for a meal where the menu was not on the wall. This evening we are just relaxing in the hotel, resting up for our fun day at Disneyland tomorrow.

Our team returns home on Thursday…



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One Response to Mexico Mission Trip – Spring Break Report #4

  1. Peter Brooke says:

    This brings back some very good memories of Spring Break 2014 (can’t believe that it’s already 3 years later!) when I went on this same missions trip with my son, Alan, who is now a world traveller, having been to 3 other countries (Costa Rica, Ghana and Uganda) to share the love of God and be changed in the process! Looking forward to seeing the evidence of changed lives in these 21 students who participated this time! It is almost impossible to encounter Elia and the other Mexican missionaries the Mexico team works alongside during that week and not be changed for the better!

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