On Bone Spurs and Reckless Love

On one day five weeks ago, I made the decision to start living healthier. I would eat better, cut out the junk, and incorporate more healthy foods into my diet including fruits and vegetables. And that’s been going great! I have been feeling better and have no desire to go back to the junk. Orange juice has replaced Coke, and apples and other fruits have replaced the chips and dip for snacking items.

However, on that day, I also decided that I would also start exercising, and began getting up early to jog in the mornings. It was going well for the first week or so, but somewhere along the way, I felt like I must have overdone it, because I started getting a sharp pain in my knee that has persisted for the past 3-4 weeks.

I finally went to my doctor abChris Knee X-Rayout it, and he sent me for X-rays. When I got the results, it turns out that I have bone spurs on my patella (my knee cap). A bone spur is an abnormal bone growth that develops on the surface of bones that causes pain when they rub against the nerves and press on surrounding tissue. So, the condition may not have even have been caused by the jogging! (And here I was hoping to tout this ‘sports injury’ as a badge of honour. No such luck!).

So, what method of treatment was prescribed? Well, the doctor said there’s not really much that can be done. Rest the knee and not do anything to aggravate the symptoms (i.e. no more jogging). Take pain meds. And if it gets worse – surgery is an option. Well that sucks! I try to get all healthy and then this happens?

Yes I would have to say I was a little discouraged by this! But not overwhelmed. I am praying (and asking for others to join with me in praying) for a total and complete healing of my knee. I believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, and that He is the Lord our Healer. But until that happens, no more jogging. Just being on my feet all day in the classroom causes enough pain. I will have to come up with other creative ways to be physically active, and am seriously thinking about giving swimming a try.

reckless love

So during this season, I came across a new worship song out of Bethel Church that has really blessed me. I first heard it when we took the members of our Costa Rica mission team to the Generation Unleashed youth conference in Portland, Oregon. It has become a new favourite of mine – it is called Reckless Love, written by Cory Asbury. The chorus says:

  • Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God
  • Oh, it chases me down, fights ‘til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine
  • I couldn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it, still You give Yourself away
  • Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God

I’m reading a book right now called How’s Your Soul? by Pastor Judah Smith. In it he quotes Hebrews chapter six, a Bible passage that talks about how we have a sure and steadfast anchor for our souls. He talks about how “the author used the familiar imagery of a boat and an anchor to remind these ancient Jesus followers that when they felt overwhelmed, they needed to hang on to Jesus. Jesus was enough for them… We want out. We want an escape. We want someone to remove us from the storm, but Jesus wants to be our strength and stability in the storm.” 

And where does that leave me today? I know that my knee pain is a relatively minor issue in light of the trials, troubles, struggles and challenges that other people are facing in the world today. But whether your storm is a physical one, or a relational, financial or emotional one, this I believe: Jesus is passionately in love with you, and will do whatever it takes to get to you to be the peace and anchor in the midst of your storm!

  • There’s no shadow You won’t light up, Mountain You won’t climb up
  • Coming after me
  • There’s no wall You won’t kick down, Lie You won’t tear down
  • Coming after me




About Chris Jordan

Husband. Father. Author. Pastor. High School Bible Teacher. Follower of Jesus. And I enjoy a good cup of coffee!
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3 Responses to On Bone Spurs and Reckless Love

  1. Yeah, it’s ironic how often we decide to exercise, then find out we can’t. It’s like a cruel joke. However, in most cases – as with myself – the whole situation is nothing less than the cumulative result of previous bad health choices. And from a spiritual perspective, we often face the same thing: we live unprofitable, selfish, unproductive lives, then complain when, at the time we decide to “get all spiritual,” we are not as quick to be effective as we’d like. Our bodies make for good analogies, don’t they?

    • Chris Jordan says:

      Hey Anthony – you are right, I am reaping the results of many years of poor choices concerning my health. Nothing I can do to change that, but I can make a decision to be more healthy from this day forward. Amen!

  2. Peter Brooke says:

    Chris wrote, “But whether your storm is a physical one, or a relational, financial or emotional one, this I believe: Jesus is passionately in love with you, and will do whatever it takes to get to you to be the peace and anchor in the midst of your storm!”
    Yes and amen! I think it’s a song by a group of pastors called “Phillips, Craig and Dean” which reassures us that “sometimes He calms the storm” but if not “He calms the child”. Other lyrics in that song say “He can settle any (stormy) sea, but that doesn’t mean He will”. We have such a limited understanding of the way God works through our circumstances; most of them He uses are negative or unfavourable ones because these cause us to humble ourselves, if we have the right attitude, and throw ourselves upon His mercy, help and strength. Isn’t that the purpose of our trials in the light of what many of the “Bible heroes” went through? Ultimately, Paul the apostle, who endured much more in terms of suffering and persecution than any of us ever will, especially in our cushy western culture, says about our suffering, after referring to the power of the presence of His Spirit in us “jars of clay”:

    “We are hard pressed on every side, but NOT crushed; we are perplexed but NOT in despair; we are persecuted, but NOT abandoned; we are struck down, but NOT destroyed.” (2 Cor. 4:7-9)

    That is the sweet cross-section of living in the light of the reality of our fallen world yet overcoming and claiming the victory we have as “more than conquerors” through Jesus.

    Chris, we are with you in believing that the Lord will completely heal your knee so it regains full movement without pain, but until that happens, may you continue to serve Him wholeheartedly and persevere through it.

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