Costa Rica Explore Mission Trip 2018

I love being a teacher at Regent Christian Academy, and being able to participate in our school’s mission program. At RCA, “our students are taught to care for those who are less fortunate, and they are provided a variety of opportunities to share the love of Jesus in tangible and meaningful ways, including both local and international missions.” (

From our school’s website, here’s a description of the second step in our school’s mission program, Explore: “Explore is the ‘next step’ in missions. You have been on a mission trip, and God has stirred your heart for people in a whole new way. Stepping out with this team means you more closely examine how God may be using missions to lead you towards life as a missionary, whether that takes you to the other side of the world or right in your own backyard. The responsibility falls more on you and your team to make this trip all you want it to be. Sharing your faith and testimony, interacting more one-on-one with the people you meet and minister to are all part of this team’s goals. Serving in a local church in a foreign country, people are among some of the opportunities given.”

Every spring break, Regent sends out 2-3 teams to different parts of the world, and this year was no exception. We sent teams to Mexico, Uganda, and Costa Rica, the latter trip being led by my wife Liza and me. This was our fifth trip to Costa Rica that the two of us have led, and we were excited to be taking seven students from our school, including our daughter, Hannah.

On this trip, we worked together with Pastor John Overholt, who had served as a missionary in Costa Rica with his wife Debbie, planting churches for many years. We went to several remote locations including Jabilla, San Jorge, Jicaral, Montana Grande, Lepanto and Belen. There we and came alongside of local churches there to share the Gospel door to door in the community, feed the poor, lead worship services, share testimonies, minister to and pray for people, and host several children’s ministry events.

Here’s a report from just one of our day’s of ministry from Pastor John:

Today our team worked together in Jicaral with Pastor Manfred and some of his church members as we reached out to one of the neediest neighborhoods in his area. Knowing who needed the most help, he selected 25 homes for us to visit. We were able to bless each family with three full bags of groceries as a practical token of God’s love but most importantly we were also able to leave them with food that is able to fill their spiritual emptiness. It was very encouraging to see twelve people respond to the good news message and then have the pastors of the church continuing the conversation with the people and being able to follow up. This is where short term missions can make a long term impact.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are just a few thousand words from our March 2018 mission trip to Costa Rica:

Door to Door 2

One of the highlights for me was being able to go door to door in poor communities and being able to bless needy families with food hampers.

Broken Down Car

Of course, what mission trip would be complete without a breakdown on the side of the road at least once?

Kids Fair Hannah

My daughter Hannah with some of the kids at a children’s fair we hosted.

Joanna and GIrl

One of our team members hugging one of the beautiful Costa Rican children.

Have you ever gone on a mission trip before? If not, I would strongly encourage you to do so. This cross-cultural ministry experience has the potential to change your life!


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