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How’s Your Soul… Really?

How’s Your Soul? When was the last time someone asked you that question, and wanted an honest answer for you… really? I think too often in the world today we go through life scrolling through our social media accounts with … Continue reading

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Reflections with Calvin & Hobbes – Hope and Dreams

One of the perks of working in a Christian school is our staff devotions in the morning before the school day starts. This morning, one of our teachers shared with us the story of Joseph. He was a dreamer who … Continue reading

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Reflections with Calvin and Hobbes – Speak Life!

You’ve heard the expression: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” What a lie! The reality is that words can sometimes hurt us more deeply and permanently than a bruise or a cut. Most physical … Continue reading

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Just Breathe – Youtube Video by Jonny Diaz – #ChristianMusic

Just Breathe. That’s the title to a new song that has captured me lately by Jonny Diaz. I remember listening to it in the car one day and reflecting upon how the music in the song (listen to the first … Continue reading

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New Album: “Love Ran Red” by Chris Tomlin – #music

New Album: Love Ran Red. Just downloaded the new Chris Tomlin worship album “Love Ran Red” yesterday. Check out this great video to one of his new songs, “Jesus Loves Me.” “He holds the stars and He holds my heart, … Continue reading

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The Monday Funnies – Boredom / Open Your Eyes

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s Calvin and Hobbes strip is an encouragement to not only enjoy life, but to open your eyes to the wonder around you every day… Live life to the fullest! Jesus said, “The thief comes to steal, … Continue reading

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