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Reflections with Calvin and Hobbes – on being exhausted

It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly to this blog, but I hope to remedy that in the weeks to come this summer! So here are some deep thoughts with Calvin and Hobbes: What do you do when you … Continue reading

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Pilgrims: Not Home Yet – Rejoicing in Suffering – #SermonNotes

PILGRIMS: NOT HOME YET: REJOICING IN SUFFERING (Pastor Chris Jordan – Horizon Church) This is a message I shared with our church family this past Sunday morning. You can click HERE to listen to the audio MP3. Note: Because of … Continue reading

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Get Ready to Run the Race – #NewYear #Sermon

GET READY TO RUN THE RACE! (Pastor Chris Jordan – New Year Sermon) To listen to or download the audio MP3 for this message, click HERE. (Note – this is a New Year’s message I shared at Beausejour Community Church … Continue reading

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Just Breathe – Youtube Video by Jonny Diaz – #ChristianMusic

Just Breathe. That’s the title to a new song that has captured me lately by Jonny Diaz. I remember listening to it in the car one day and reflecting upon how the music in the song (listen to the first … Continue reading

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Reflections with Calvin & Hobbes: Bent but not Broken

Dear friends, Last night, our car was broken into. Well, technically not our car – my wife Liza was driving a friend’s vehicle last night when the crime took place. She was parked across the street from our friend Jen’s … Continue reading

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A Shipwrecked Life – #Sermon of the Week

THE STORY OF JESUS AND HIS CHURCH: THE SHIPWRECKED LIFE (Pastor Chris Jordan – Beausejour Church) OPENING: Share mine and Liza’s trip to Focus on the Family’s Kerith Retreat Centre last week. INTRO TO ACTS: Acts is the story of … Continue reading

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The Story of Kings and Prophets #4: Overcoming Depression – #Sermon

THE STORY OF KINGS AND PROPHETS #4: GOD’S MESSENGERS: OVERCOMING DEPRESSION (Pastor Chris Jordan – Beausejour Church) INTRO TO TOPIC: Discuss the role of God’s Messengers (Prophets) during this time period. OPENING TEXT: “The earnest prayer of a righteous person … Continue reading

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